Society Rush PPDB SMANAS Recklessly

PPDB 2019 of SMANAS has stolen bombastic societies’ attention. There are great numbers of 312 students who are both from Malang and out of Malang. They have registered since December to April 2019. Mr. Rusdi, the headmaster of SMANAS, feels so enthusiastic regarding the results of PPDB this year. “As a matter of fact, the registration of PPDB on stage I will have been done in January to April 2019 initially; however, there were so many demand from parents to open he registration early on December. Then, we—the school—granted those willingness,” said the man who was born in Sumenep.

The enthusiasm of all registers are so remarkable that can be seen from the result of testimony delivered by both students and their parents. They gave a testimony on the question “Why do they choose SMA Nasional Malang as their first option?”. The result showed that they admitted choosing SMANAS since first, 43% of students and parents said that the alumni of SMANAS are accepted in some Public University and get scholarship to Rp.0.00. Second, 36% of them choose SMANAS since it has got many achievements every year, even in 2019—this year—SMANAS has been appointed (again) as The Best Private School in Indonesia. Third, 21% choose SMANAS because it is famous of its religious event conducted intensively. Fourth, 17% of them argued that they have brothers, sisters, or relatives who study at SMANAS, while 5% of them admitted using other reasons.

According to those results, Mr. Rusdi also stated that the interesting part which is successful to attract the registers’ attention, especially parents is the provision of scholarship from some companies and other institutions. “Some of the students are able to get the scholarship from some companies and instituitions that can assist the parents’ burden to pay school tuition,” told this poem lover.

Looking at the societies’ interest which is so bombastic in joining PPDB this year; therefore, the registration of PPDB stage II is opened starting from May to June. However, it is for fulfilling one class only. (hm//bya)

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