SMANAS Debate Team Show Off, Boost SMANAS at the National Level

The pandemic, which is getting more severe, has not stopped SMANAS students from achieving accomplishment. The smoldering enthusiasm was shown by SMANAS debate team, which won 3rd place in the National Law Debate Competition with the theme “Fighting Bullying with Achievements”. The competition held by the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) was conquered by Team A which consists of Intan Dwi Sindiani, Wahyu Warkham N.B., and Melati Nur Cahayati. This was proven by the success of Team A in advancing through round by round until the final round to claim the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places.

Needless to say, competing at the national level is not easy. Even though the preparations made by Team A were quite short, thanks to the solid cooperation and support from the teachers, especially the coach, all members of Team A were able to compete confidently in expressing all their critical thoughts.

Just as adept sailors who don’t come from the calm seas, SMANAS debate team also faced several obstacles. “The main obstacle was having to memorize the material and how to speak about it in an organized manner,” said Wahyu Warkham, a member of Team A. Another member, Intan Dwi, shared the same opinion. “For the obstacle, InsyaAllah the only difficulty was to understand the material. However, we didn’t just give up. We were still trying to do it no matter how so that we could give the best for the school.” said the girl who was born on April 19, 2003.

Their first experience was memorable for each of them because through the process they had been struggling for, they had produced proud results. “Because this is our first experience, we feel proud of ourselves who had gone through a long process and produced satisfying results,” said Intan. In line with Intan, Melati also feels happy. “We also express our gratitude to the teachers, especially Mr. Gilang for the guidance that has been given and also our seniors, friends, and also our parents who have supported us,” said Melati. Mr. Gilang as the coach also felt grateful for the achievement of his students. “My feeling is, alhamdulillah, this is a gift from Allah and also the efforts of all the teachers and the passion of the team,” said the Sociology teacher. On the other hand, Mr. Gilang has hopes that the students can be implemented in the future. “My hope is that the children can use the 3T method to improve their achievement, namely (1) Titenono (observe), observing and studying the opponents they have faced both in the preliminary rounds and in the semi-finals; (2) Tirokno (imitate), imitating opponents in the match; and (3) Tambahono (add), explore what has been acquired and developed it so that we can beat our opponents, ” explained Mr. Gilang. According to him, the important thing is not to be arrogant so that in the future they can improve the team’s performance and continue to exist in order to carry SMA Nasional exist at national level.

Certainly, the results they obtained were greeted with emotional and joy. “Happy, emotion and unexpected,” said Melati when asked about her feelings about this victory. However, they still did not stop there. They continue to hope for the best in achieving more in the future. (fbi / apl / hm // bya)

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