Attaining Bombastic Numbers, Test-takers of PPDB Rush into SMANAS

The predicate achieved by SMANAS Malang as one of the best private school in Indonesia has been spread out of Malang Raya. It makes SMANAS become the most preference school by the registrants from both Malang and another cities despite the endless condition of pandemic. In accordance with the numerous interest from society, SMANAS is getting ready to provide the facility through online and offline tests.

One of the events that has been done on Thu. (14/01) succeeds to attract tens of students coming from Junior High Schools at Malang Regency to be the test-takers on offline test in PPDB 2021/2022. The event for sure is conducted by doing some strict protocols of health preventing Covid-19 by wearing mask, keeping the distance, using handsanitizer, and checking body temperature. Before doing the test-items, all test-takers do some activities in the achievement studio such as the measurement of height and weight, as well as washing the feet in order to make them relax and concentrate better during the test.

In addition, the test-takers’ mind and soul are entertained by the beautiful acoustic music melody that succeed to motivate them while waiting for the test schedule. Then, they do the test-items accurately and seriously. After finishing the test, Mr. Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. delivers his brief speech aiming to inspire and motivate all the test-takers. “For this test, it’s mostly impossible all of  you will be failed. As long as you get 70% upward, you must be passed the test. We don’t really care of the entire results on Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geographic, but we pay most attention on your talent. That’s what we consider the most,” said the Headmaster of SMANAS. He also emphasizes that there is one specific talent such as having skills on football or mastering History subject are 75 above, it is a guarantee for the test-takers to be admitted. “Focusing on one specific subject or skill becomes one of the reasons why SMANAS reaches 89,09% alumni admitted at some famous public colleges,” added the Head of MKKS Swasta in Malang.

The delighted faces are portrayed from all the test-takers as well as accompanied by the great expectations to be admitted in SMANAS Malang. Ahmad Badrus Zaman, one of the test-taker, expressed his high expectation to pass PPDB test. “The test-items are difficult enough, but I do hope up to 90% can be admitted in SMA Nasional Malang. I have a big dream to have a job at office later and I wish SMANAS can make my dream true,” said that IX A grader. Similar opinion was stated by Arqam Aina Nur Rizky, “I really want to be at athlete class in SMANAS and I wish 90% can be admitted here,” told him. He also said that he wanted to develop his talent on football field and get many achievements. “I will be so proud of being here since SMANAS has so many national level achievements,” added that IX C grader enthusiastically. (hm//bya)

Check Announcement of Test Result Here

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