Society Interest Higher, Freshmen in Crowd Struggle for SMANAS Chairs

Many of the test-takers from both public and private Junior High Schools from Malang and another cities are starting to put much anxiety. It is caused by the strict competition to strive for being freshmen. The queue of the registrants is getting longer everyday which proves that the interest of society is also higher. “The fantastic numbers of registrants determine that many people give their best trust to SMANAS with its million national level achievement to educate their children who want to go to college or go to work,” told Mr. Gilang, the Sociology teacher of SMANAS.

The enthusiasm of the test-takers is showed by their patience while waiting for their turn to have test schedule. Besides, they come from various background and have great motivation. For instance, Ike Kurnia Fitriani who stated that she was motivated to improve her life-skill through PPDB test in SMANAS. “I also want to take Social major sinc I love Accountancy so much,” told her briefly. That IX C grader expected that she could continue her dreams to go to college while working. “I dream to get scholarship 100% during my study at college later,” added her firmly.

Mrs. Novi feels so impressed with the extraordinary SMANAS achievements. “Those prestigious achievements succeed to attract society interest. Consequently, there are still many junior high students who are in crowd by wearing non-formal suits to join offline test despite the pandemic era,” told that Biology teacher. (hm)

Check Announcement of Test Result Here

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