Zero to Hero: SMANAS & SMAI Lumajang Reach for Bigger Dreams

The visit of SMA Islam Lumajang to SMA Nasional Malang has established a new spirit for those both institutions. The event which was attended by SMAI Lumajang stakeholders has been successful to share and inspire each other. It was begun by the opening prayer, then singing the National Anthem, Indonesia Raya; Bagimu Negeri; and Mars SMANAS.

On the event that was held on Wednesday (10/7), Mr. Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. welcomed the headmaster and all teachers warmly. “It is a nice chance to get along each other since having good relationship will bring great prosperity,” stated this chief of MKKS Malang. In addition, he begun introducing all education staffs as well as the teachers.

The speech then continued by Drs. Sarnam Siregar who admitted that he was so amazed and honored looking at all the things prepared for SMAI Lumajang. “We feel so small to see these things. The condition in terms of students, teachers, and buildings here is so far from our school,” said him. He also emphasized that most of private schools in Lumajang are so apprehensive. It was getting worse since there was zone policy this year as well as supported by many public schools that increased some quota to get more students. “Many private schools are threatening and feel anxious, including SMAI Lumajang. However, we do hope after learning something from SMANAS, we will have more spirit and gain the ball harder,” added this headmaster of SMAI Lumajang. Similar to Mr. Rusdi, Mr. Sarnam also introduced all stakeholders of SMAI Lumajang which was full of cheerful moment.

On next moment, Mr. Rusdi explained the progress of SMA Nasional Malang that had been at the bottom point and succeeded to raise up significantly. “I learn from one school to another schools to get some inspirations. Of course, there were refusal and obstacles; however, one thing I bear on my mind that God loves middle, but not half,” emphasized this poem lover. The most important thing is We have to believe that We will get success. Besides, he showed M-Gopek Program as well as all achievements accepted by SMANAS.

After closing prayer, the event was continued by having meals and entertainment moment. Eventually, the speech delivered by Drs. H. Ach. Chudhori became the finishing moment. “We would like to express our gratitude towards some knowledge shared for us,” said him. This Chief of Social and Muallimin Islamic Education Institute expected that all knowledge given can be the reference to do some changes for SMAI Lumajang.

“Alhamdulillah… the event runs so smoothly and it is so great event which I expect it will strenghten the relationship between both schools much more better in the future,” said Mr. Arief, Mathematics teacher of SMANAS. It is in line to Frau Nanik, who also wishes to create strong relationship especially on education field. Mrs. Naning added, “This event is so inspirational since it is able to share beneficial knowledge and experiences.” (hm)

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  1. Succesfull to smanas. We learn together

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