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DBL Roadshow & SMANAS Headmaster Birthday

The great day was presented by Developmental Basketball League (DBL) of Indonesia that was followed by all SMANAS students ran smoothly accompanied by the great yells. In addition, they created the U-form if the voice of whistle was listened to. “DBL….DBL…DBL….” screamed all students while creating ‘mozaik’ formation to form DBL letters. They welcomed DBL warmly which has a roadshow aiming to introduce about DBL deeper. The event that was led by the MC of DBL started it by singing the National Anthem, Indonesia Raya.

“We Are Exciting Partner…. Huu Haa…,” screaming all students to answer the yell of Mr. Rusdi to open his speech. He expected that through DBL, SMANAS would get the spirit to be better in the future especially on basketball field. “It’s a good start for SMANAS to keep our spirit and improve our achievement,” added this Chief of MKKS in Malang.
The event was followed by the traditional dance performance named Warak Dugder. All participants were so amazed toward the beautiful performance. Then, all teachers and KPL teachers came forward to lead “Kebyar-Kebyar” song. The entire participats started to sing the song with highly spirit. After finished, the entire students made the U-form again to welcome SNSD dance performance. The show was successful to attract participants’ attention due to their energetic movement.

The next agenda was introducing what DBL is and it was led by the MC directly. Then, they introduced all basketball members of SMANAS called as SNABSTER. There were a lot of jokes flew out from both of DBL MCs. They asked all the names of SMANAS basketball members both male and female groups to be showed to all participants. “We’re waiting for your participation on DBL next year, guys,” wished Mr. Aditya, one of DBL MC.

To get into the warmer moment, DBL presented some quizzes related to DBL itself such as the former date of DBL establishment, etc. Of course, it increased the participants’ enthusiasm since there were some prizes given by DBL committee. It was not finished on that thing, the other grand prize offered by DBL was Tora Cafe coffee that were distributed freely for the entire students, and teachers. The event was closed by repeating SMANAS and DBL jargons many times led by the MCs.

“We expect better for SMANAS baskeball athletes to get better achievement in the future,” said Rama, one of SMANAS volleyball members. It was in line to Anjar and Riski, one of SNABSTER members, who stated that they became more interested to practice harder. “Through this event, we are more motivated and it’s a must to participate on DBL competition next year,” added them.

Moreover, the event was continued by turning into the other great agenda presented by all teachers as well as students of SMA Nasional Malang. It was Saturday, 14th of September 2019 which was the special day and determined the life journey of the Headmaster of SMANAS, Mr. Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. for 53 years. Started by the performance of SMANAS band to sing some songs, then it was followed by “Selamat Ulang Tahun” song popularized by Jamrud was falling out toward Mr. Rusdi. All representatives from each class presented their best prizes such as giving tart cakes, “lemet” traditional cakes, as well as some pictures and prizes wrapped well inside the present paper.

“What I want to ask all of you is being successful in the future. It will become the thing that I’m waiting for,” said Mr. Rusdi by sobbing. After taking some pictures with all class representatives, the event was still continued by the wonderful performance of Ki Dalang Dimas Al-Hafid and Ki Dalang Farhaan. They were successful to invite all students’ laughs through their best jokes. In addition, they gave the surprise to Mr. Rusdi which was the puppet with the picture of Mr. Rusdi himself and the hand-made of painting of Mr. Rusdi’s picture.

The event then was closed by photo session and enjoying stand-up comedy. “It’s so interesting and added by the celebration of Mr. Rusdi’s birthday, it becomes more fun and memorable,” said Fera, one of XII Language class students. In addition, the vice of headmaster on Student field, expected that through DBL event this morning could motivate basketball members of SMANAS to increase their practices harder and join DBL event next time. “I also wish the best for Mr. Rusdi and always be the great inspirator for us,” added Miss Eka. (hm)

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