A Hard Training to Form a Successful Team

Intra-School Student Organization (OSIS) and Class Consultative Assembly (MPK) are organizations within the school with student members in the school respectively. In an organization there must be an administrator for the expeditious process of the organization’s activities. For this reason, selection is needed in the election of OSIS and MPK management. The election of the student council that had been held had set Putri Jubaidah Safa Banafsah as the student council chair for the 2019/2020 period. In supporting the performance of the student council president, a number of student council officials were chosen and an Education and training (Diklat) activity was held for the new board on Friday (8/11).

Friday (8/11) at exactly 14.00 WIB the OSIS / MPK training program was opened by the principal, Drs. Rusdi, M.Sc. In his remarks, he advised that the new OSIS / MPK officials would follow all the material delivered by the Trustees well. He hoped that the management of OSIS / MPK in the 2019/2020 period could become a better administrator than the previous management. In the training activities, the administrators were given several materials to support the OSIS / MPK performance in the future, including materials on leadership, spirituality, and survival.

The first material is leadership material, which was filled by one of the teachers at SMANAS, Mr. Gilang Agung Prabowo, SH This material is given with the aim that all OSIS / MPK board members have the leadership personality who is trustworthy, responsible, and having sincere and patient soul. “Lieden its meiden (the leader is a servant) and Lieden its lijden (the leader is suffering),” said the Sociology teacher. In a leadership no one can feel a high position or vice versa because all have an equal position.

The second material was also delivered by Mr. Gilang Agung Prabowo, SH regarding spirituality. On that occasion, Mr. Gilang explained that worship does not always offer prayers, worship does not always fast, because hijrah include worship.

The last material is survival material delivered by seniors, April and Maria. In the material the two seniors explain the meaning of survival, the key to survival, attitudes in survival, and how to deal with friends who are sick. The material was delivered with the aim of forming capability of OSIS / MPK members in carrying out their duties.

After the material is finished, the activity is continued by cooking food per district. In this activity all members of the OSIS / MPK cook food with a predetermined time. From these activities it is expected that all OSIS / MPK members have a high level of solidarity.

At 00.00 WIB, all OSIS / MPK members took a break. They sleep until 3:00 to follow the next training program.

All OSIS / MPK members made preparations for the inauguration and preparation of the campfire at 03.00 WIB, Saturday (9/11). After everything is ready, after the dawn prayer, the event continues. The bonfire lit, and the inauguration was displayed in front of the teachers and seniors.

After the inauguration was over, the OSIS / MPK members took part in a kind of competition held by seniors. Among them were taking bottles and looking for group members with animal sounds with their eyes closed. This competition is held so that they can make OSIS / MPK members understand the great cooperation.

At exactly 10:00 WIB, the training program was closed, and all OSIS / MPK members, seniors, and teachers greet each other. At the closing ceremony, many touching moments were created.

From this activity a lot of lesson is learned, including a high spirit of solidarity and get a new experience from holding the training. “Sad, resentful, and happy. Happy because I got a new experience, being in a situation that was never done at all, especially when eating together, getting punished together. Secondly, sad and resentful because the seniors are irritating. What I don’t like the most is that everything have to use counting time, except the prayer, one lesson that I really like is that a patience to accepts whatever destiny we through and does what we have to do to face the destiny in the future, “said Susilowati, one of the student council members in the 2019/2020 period.

Agree with Susilowati, Shella also felt that she gained a lot of experience from the diklat.

 “It’s fun and tense too. I can know better what solidarity means. Gaining lots of experience, and much more, “said Shella, a class X IPS 2 student who joined the MPK members for the 2019/2020 period. (apl // bya)

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