Tremendous Enthusiasm to Start-up SMANAS Cup

SMANAS CUP 2020 is coming. To welcome this awesome event, all participants who mostly are the coaches of volleyball from the entire Junior High School in Malang Raya were so crowded fulfilling the achievement studio. It aimed to join technical meeting. Besides, the event held on Friday morning (21/02) was attended by the referee team of PBVSI.

The technical meeting was officially opened by the headmaster of SMA Nasional Malang, Drs. Rusdi, M.Si., as well as led the event in giving detail explanation of some important things related to the rules. It was for sure to be obeyed by all participants of SMANAS Cup 2020. After that, there was question and answer session to deal with some important decisions before the match is begun.

Furthermore, Mr. Rusdi showed a hundred achievement of SMANAS volleyball competition in terms of city to province level. It can’t be denied that it succeeded to attract the participants’ enthusiasm. One of them is Wawan. This student of MTs. Negeri 3 Malang confessed that he was glad joining volleyball match on SMANAS Cup. “So happy to join this competition, eventhough I’m actually so nervous, ma’am,” said the eighth graders of MTs. Negeri 3 malang.

Similar to Wawan, his coach also stated that he was feeling grateful to join SMANAS Cup. “It’s such a reuni to join volleyball competition in SMANAS since I can see Mr. Wandi, my bestfriend,” told this volleyball trainer of MTs. Negeri 3 Malang. Moreover, he urged that it is necessary to develop students’ talent especially on volleyball which almost has no more attention from public. “Therefore, this such tournament should be conducted every year since it is so worthy event to help improve students’ skill. For sure, we’ll be ready to join this competition next year,” explained the man who had been the coach of porprov.

The technical meeting then was continued by doing the lottery of participants’ number meaning as the determination of their opponents on the following match. At the end of TM, all participants as well as the referee team of PBVSI had lunch together.

Have a high strive for all contingents and have a clean fair play.

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