A Day Full of Joy and Emotion on Teacher’s Day

“Siaaappp, graak …!” Mr. Gilang yelled as the leader of the ceremony to celebrate the national Teacher’s Day which is celebrated every November 25 in Indonesia.

All high school teachers with an excitement like getting back to the school period goes to the field again. Teacher’s Day activities at SMANAS are truly unique. The SMANAS teachers are not participants in the ceremony, but directly involved as ceremonial officers.

Drs. Rusdi, M.Sc. acting as the inspector of ceremony. In the Teacher’s Day ceremony which was held earlier on Thursday (11/21), all teachers and employees were involved as officers. The protocol is ready to guide the course of the ceremony that is filled by Ms. Nanik Mahiroh, the commander of the ceremony by Mr. Gilang, the group of merah putih flag raisers namely Mr. Soni, Ms. Ismi, and Mr. Arief, the leader of the troops filled by Ms. Novi, Ms. Inna, and Mr. Mustafa.

In addition, Mrs. Titin served as the bearer of the Pancasila text, the reading of the 1945 Constitution by Mrs. Eka, the reading of prayers by Mr. Mukarom, and the compact choir team chanted their beautiful voices namely Ms. Dhea, Ms. Yana, Ms. Vivin, Ms. Iis, Ms. Nuri, Ms. Lilik, Ms. Susi, Ms. Shanti, Ms. Nanik, Mr. Jari, and Mr. Budi, which was guided by Ms. Fida.

In his message, while mentioning the names of the teachers and employees of SMANAS one by one, Pak Rusdi gave an extraordinary appreciation for the totality shown by the teachers and employees. “There is only one teacher in your mind, that is, thinking about how you can become successful people,” explained the Head of SMANAS. He also read the notes of high school students, one of them Man jadda wajada. “I describe it like this in the minds of students: If there are teachers, then that’s where success lies,” he added.

The ceremony, which was attended by all SMANAS students, took place solemnly.  “The task of being a danton at this Teacher’s Day ceremony was a very new experience for me because I used to be a flag raiser when I was in school,” said Mrs. Novi, a Biology teacher at SMANAS.

Various comments from some students were also inevitable with the teachers being ceremonial officers like M. Sidqi Rozin R., class XII IPA 2, who gave both thumbs up to the teachers of SMANAS. “Great and extraordinary for all the teachers,” exclaimed the student who came from Lombok. Similar to M. Sidqi, Achmad Rizky from class XII IPS 2 also expressed his pride to all the teachers who become the ceremonial officers. “Although it’s a little funny, all teachers are really cool,” he said.

After the ceremony was suspended by Pak Rusdi, he asked all students to salim and expressing their gratitude to the SMANAS teachers. Tears broke. Tears ran down the cheeks of the SMANAS students. “It was really touching, especially during salim. Class XII seems to really need and respect the teacher, “said Ms. Evien as a Mathematics teacher at SMANAS. In addition, Ms. Evien also prayed for the success of all students and institutions. A similar opinion was expressed by Ms. Inna who stated that the event went well and built a great togetherness.

After all the students shook hands, Kemesraan song was sung by Kharisma XII Language. It is followed by the performance of poetry dramatization of the SMANAS theater team under the guidance of Mr. Mustafa who also enlivened the event on an increasingly hot day.

Stepping on the main event on Teacher’s Day, the entire SMANAS choir team began to sing the Himne Guru and Terimakasihku songs that made the atmosphere full of emotion. Tears are inevitable when each teacher gets a surprise from their guardian child. Not the flowers or gifts that are given, but the care and affection they offer is so valuable. “It’s not a matter of prizes or gifts, but the biggest prize for us is their success later,” said Ms. Dhea, one of the Mathematics teachers at SMANAS.

The event continued with the M-Gopek calculation. Uniquely, there is a class yell that accompanies every presentation of all students. Not to be outdone by the students, all of the SMANAS teachers also waddled to show their actions. “Yo, yo ayo, M-Gopek yo, yo ayo,” (“Yo, yo, Come on, M-Gopek yo, yo come on”) the teachers shouted yells to motivate students to give alms.  Kami… Guru SMANAS… Satukan Semangat, Cerdas Bersama, Membangun Bangsa…!” (We … SMANAS Teachers … Unite the Spirit, SmartTogether, Build the Nation …! ) all the teachers’ screamed in shouting jargon.

The M-Gopek counting event was closed with the announcement of the winner of the most coins won by Trio Nur Prawito (XI IPA 2) with 323 coins, Nur Aidin Arya Tama (X IPA 1) with 133 coins, Susilowati (XI IPA 1) with 131 coins, and Ms. Vike with 800 coins which is a donor from outside the school.

“I am very grateful to be able to get a certificate for the acquisition of M-Gopek continuesly. Hopefully what I do can also be useful for everyone, “said the Trio who is a basketball lover.

A series of events concluded with healthy eating together that invited thousands of joy radiated from the faces of all students. “The event was very memorable. Here I really feel sincere affection from all the teachers, “said Fajri, student of XII IPS 1. This was also supported by Melati Nur Cahayati. “The event was lively, although it was a bit disappointing because the competitions did not take place,” said the student of IPS X 2. He hopes that there will be competitions in the next event so that they can be livelier. In addition, Melati wants in the next event, student council children can be more creative to enliven the event.

Hope by hope was also conveyed by SMANAS students enthusiastically. Like Amelia from Class X IPA 1 who hopes that SMANAS teachers will be more advanced. Shela, X BAHASA, also said that hopefully the SMANAS teachers would be more solid and better

 Another hope also came from April XII Bahasa. He hopes that the SMANAS teachers will also be more victorious. “Because this is the last event for us in class XII in particular, we really hope that SMANAS teachers can be more sophisticated in learning and teaching,” he added.

“The hope for SMANAS teachers is that they can improve creativity and innovation,” hoped Ms. Titin. The Vice Principal of Public Relations of SMANAS also said that one of the strengths of the school is the cohesiveness of all teachers. Meanwhile, Ms. Eka said that Teacher’s Day is not just for teachers, but also for all students who are also the best teachers for teachers in all matters. (hm // bya)

My teacher …

You are the light of the nation that never knows weariness

You are the light that will never go out, illuminating the world

There is so much that cannot be disclosed other than thanks to you

My teacher …

Happy teacher’s Day ….

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