Three Colors of Keputrian SMANAS

SMANAS students regularly participate in Keputrian activities. The activity is carried out every Friday afternoon, during Friday prayers. Mrs. Lilik Rodiana said, Keputrian activities were carried out to increase students’ knowledge beside the intracuricular studies. “In addition, also to prepare mentally as a provision in the future,” said Mrs. Lilik. Moreover, Miss Aulia Dhea also said that the activities of Keputrian were aimed at increasing students’ insights and skills about the position of women in life and in Islam.

For the effectiveness of the achievement of these objectives, the decision of SMANAS is divided into three forms. First, religious classes. In this class, students are invited to discuss about religious law, issues, or social issues that are currently warm. Second is cooking class. In this class, students are taught to cook food or drinks with certain basic ingredients. Third is skills class. In this class, students are taught ways to make certain objects that are useful for daily life.

The three types of activities are followed by three levels of classes alternating in one cycle for three weeks. After one cycle is complete, the theme of each Keputrian is replaced by another theme. Religious classes are held in mushola, cooking classes are held in the kitchen, and skills classes are held in the hall or classes.

Ocha Saputri, a student of science X1, claimed to like the religious class because she got new knowledge. Devi Ayu Kumalasari said she was happy to participate in Keputrian activities. “I am happy because I learn a lot and can add my skills,” said the XII IPS 2 student. Devi also admitted that the class she liked the most was the cooking class. In line with Devi, Friska Nur Aini also likes cooking class the most. “Because I can learn cooking and it’s not boring,” said that XII IPA 1 student. Meanwhile, May Zaluna, a XII IPS 2 student, said she prefers the skills class. “Exciting, ma’am. So I can develop my skills,” May said. (bya)

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