Three Colors in One Period

Heroes’ Day, Teacher’s Day, and Isra’Mi’raj were commemorated in an event by the big family of SMA Nasional Malang. The event held on Thursday (11/22) was organized by the Student Council and taken place in SMANAS field.

The program began with prayers and remarks by Mr. Rusdi. Since the three events were combined, the committee asked Mr. Rusdi to give tausiah and remarks regarding the three themes being celebrated. During his speech, Mr. Rusdi gave questions that the students had to answer. Students who successfully answer questions will be given a prize. “Indeed the birth of the Prophet Muhammad is sharing,” said Mr. Rusdi.

In the event which was accompanied by drizzle, the winners of the speech and poetry reading competition held before D-day was announced. Speech winners are Catrin Cornelia (XI IPS 1) and Susilowati (X IPA 2). Poetry reading competition winners are Dalila Wasana (X IPA 1) and Dwi Rahayu Putri (X IPA 2). In addition, the host of the event was the first and second winner of the radio announcer competition, namely Sudarsono (XII BHS) and Ocha (X IPA 1).

The acoustic group also performed three songs. Then, the teachers were asked to close their eyes and guess the student who was being spoken to by the MC. When the teachers opened their eyes, the choir team was ready and sang Terima Kasihku and Himne Guru. At the end of the event, a joint prayer and cutting of tumpeng was held. At the same time, the students were busy giving gifts to the teachers. “What you give becomes a motivation for us, the teachers, to always be more enthusiastic about teaching,” said Mr. Rusdi. (bya)

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