The Opening of the 73rd Anniversary of Indonesia: “An Effort to Achieve a Mission”

“We deliberately did not study for one week not because mathematics and others were not important, but because there was a vision that we hoped for,” said Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. at the opening of the 73rd anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day in SMANAS. In the event that was held on the school grounds, Mr. Rusdi explained several visions to be achieved which are togetherness and class’ teamwork, competitive spirit, and nationalism. A competitive spirit is expected because for five days, all students must take part in the inter-class competition organized by the OSIS and MPK. The event began on Monday (8/13) and the main event event which is a ceremony on Friday (8/17) at Klabang Field.

The 73rd Anniversary of Indonesia opened with the roll call, gymnastic, then the teachers’ performance. The internship students (KPL) also performed gymnastic. The male teachers were also asked to perform. After the teacher’s performances, Mr. Rusdi told the students about the factors that made SMANAS successful, “ It is because the teachers are good in teamwork, and their totalities in their jobs as teachers ,” he said.

Happiness and enthusiasm emanated from the faces of the students. They joined and enjoy the event well. All class representatives obediently participated in every competition prepared by the committee. The contests that are prepared are also varied and tend to be funny, unique, and it also requires teamwork. Students are also expected to support their friends who are competing to represent their classes. The contests are unique because of the unusual tools used. For example on the competitions held on the first day, namely badminton, the racket was replaced with tempeh. For volleyball, the players should use sarung and the net used was banners, and for pukul air, the players must spin around first then hit each others. There are alos many other events such as sack races, and the reading of the proclamation. (bya)

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