Success Investment of SMA Nasional Malang

Coinciding with the special day of Pancasila Sanctity Day,  SMANAS residents gathered in the field to conduct a Gopek Management (M-Gopek) session on Tuesday (1/10). The event began with a morning ceremony and continued with remarks by the managing director of M-Gopek. The event which began at 07.40 WIB was being attended by residents of SMANAS and also attended by Students of the Field Practice Study (KPL) Universitas Negeri Malang (UM).

Class representatives reported the results of the September 2019 Gopek, all targeted at 25 coins. Reports start from class X-IPA 1 to class XII-Bahasa, as well as reports of teachers and employees. From the report of eighteen classes and the teacher council, all managed to exceed the target. “Thank God, because the results of M-Gopek exceeded the target almost doubled,” said Drs. Rusdi, M.Sc.

Then, it is announced the results of most gopek collectors. The third highest was won by Anik Susilowati X-IPA 1 with 116 coins. The second best winner was Fitria Adelia X-IPA 1 with 170 coins. The first was won by Tri Rahadani X-IPS 1 with 201 coins, and the most gopek collector from the teacher council was achieved by Mrs. Ismi Nurianti, S.Pd. with 300 coins.

M-Gopek is a program that aims to help others. “M-Gopek is an excellent program, aims to help children who may be economically incapable, so it can help to ease them and can train children to be generous,” explained M-Gopek staff, Mrs. Lilik Rodiana, S.Pd.

In addition, the gopek program is only available at SMANAS that can inspire. “M-Gopek is really extraordinary. As long as I research and teach, i only found it here. This program also inspires because it is cohesive, not only students but also teachers. Moreover, it is presented with assembly so that it feels more modern, “said UM KPL Student, Ifan Andriado.

Besides getting Jariyah merit, this can also be an investment in success. “With gopek we can give more charity, make a good fortune, and heaven investment,” said Jeni Prasiska Sari, student XI-IPA 1. (mtw // bya)

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