Sol Sepatu di Precet

Sol Sepatu in Precet

The end of the year which coincides with the end of semester’s break is used by X IPA 1 Class by going on vacation together. On Sunday (12/23), the class named Sol Sepatu decided to take a vacation to Precet Forest Park. As the name implies, this place is located in the Dusun Precet, Sumbersuko Village, Kabupaten Malang, East Java. Sol Sepatu chose this place because it do not cost a lot and have many interesting spots for taking pictures.

Upon arrival, the members of Sol Sepatu accompanied by Mrs. Hafidatul Mahmuda, the supervisor of Sol Sepatu, and Mr. Mustafa, they carried out various activities that had been designed in such a way. Starting from praying together, a walk to see the panorama, taking pictures, play games, celebrate the birthdays of several class members, eating together, and playing with rain water which is an unexpected event.

The presence of rain actually helped the goal of the members of the Sol Sepatu. They build chemistry by creating mutual laughter in the rain. They did not make the problem as an obstacle; instead they set it up to become strength so that their solidarity was not just a discourse. (feb / fit / ven // bya)

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