SMANAS Shares “Takjil”

Ramadan, the most wonderful month that Moeslem people wait for, where they compete each other to get reward from Allah SWT. It is in line to all students of SMANAS who held social charity on Thursday (23/5). This social charity was in the form of sharing “takjil” and some food. This event was held in Parangargo and Pakisaji Streets. Those funds were from shodaqoh of SMANAS students. Not only students who were enthusiastic, but their parents also participated on that event. One of parents is Avenica’s from X Science 1. According to Avenica, her father stated that he was happy because he could share everything to others. “My father feels happy since he can share to others and he expresses his gratitude to SMANAS to hold this noble event,” said the 16-year-old student. OSIS, MPK, and BDI SMANAS which became the representative to hold this event was ready to share “takjil” since 5 pm at that time. The enthusiasm of society was so extremely high that all “takjil” were used up totally and nothing left. Then, this event was continued by “buka bersama (buber)” at one of OSIS members, Iga Mauludia (X Science 2).

One of OSIS, MPK, and BDI members said that they were delighted because they were able to be media of SMANAS students to spread of the good things. “I feel happy and delighted because I can share some food in the street and give it to other people. Really, it’s so precious,” stated Lina, the member of OSIS as well as BDI SMANAS. It was in line to Dini Febriana, “Maybe we can share some food again to someone next time,” told this X Science 2. (fit//bya)

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