SMANAS Road to MPLS 2019: “Short but Meaningful”

SMA Nasional Malang opened  the gate for the entire new students to join Pre-MPLS 2019. They were welcomed cheerfully by all teachers, OSIS and MPK members starting from the front part of Smanas. Then, they had to sign on the papers provided that determined their groups whose total were 16. Those fresh students were led by OSIS and MPK representative to join APEL Ceremony in the school hall.

The event which was held on Monday (24/6) started by singing Indonesia Raya and Mars SMANAS. Then, it was opened officially by Mr. Drs. Rusdi, M.Si., the headmaster of SMA Nasional Malang. On his speech, he welcomed and  motivated the students that they have been in the right place since SMA Nasional Malang will be able to deliver them both to the university and having a job three years later. “Don’t be too mainstream and overthinking on something. Don’t be too serious. Just go ahead improving your potency, interest, and skill since every student has your own strenghts,” stated this Chief of MKKS in Malang.

In addition, Mr. Rusdi introduced SMANAS stakeholders, including education staffs and teachers. The next agenda was a little game that  made the students enjoy the time. Then, it was followed by “Jargon” creation by all groups guided by each teacher, OSIS, and MPK member. Besides aiming for enjoyment time, this time was the main point for them to get along and create great chemistry each other. Laughing and joyfulness were portrayed clearly on all new students’ face especially during their discussion to create a creative “jargon”.

Bagus Prasetio, one of new students, admitted that he felt happy joining this Pra MPLS since he could find new friends at SMANAS. “I’m so proud of being one of students here because this school has many achievements and always be the best school,” added him.

As the time went by, it was the time for them to perform “jargon” in front of all audiences. All groups succeeded to perform their “jargon” attractively and happily.

The event which lasted for at least four hours finished by the information giving of Student Orientation schedule and all the things they have to bring on next MPLS (15/7).

“This Pra MPLS is fun and interesting. All students are able to enjoy their new world and they can find new friends,” said Mrs. Evien, Mathematics Teacher of SMANAS.

“Short but Meaningful” is the words that suits to describe the event. See you on next MPLS 2019 guys. (hm//bya)

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