White shades filled SMANAS field. Female students are wearing white mukena, and male students wear ihram clothes, so do the teachers and employees. In the middle of the field, a variety of tools has been prepared in the form of Kaaba miniature, location instructions, gravel, and so on. That morning, Saturday (25/8), SMANAS family carried out the Hajj rituals.

Before starting the rituals, SMANAS students are invited to pray. When they are praying, Mr. Rusdi appealed that they should carry out it seriously. Talbiyah continues to be sung during the activity. Moreover, prayers are never stopped. “Pray and be sure that you will be able to dispatch your parents to pilgrimage,” said Mr. Rusdi.

The hajj rituals began at Jalan Raya Sudanco Supriadi. The congregations lined up neatly and walked towards SMANAS while continuing to sung Talbiyah. Each group was alternately carrying out ritual activities, starting mabit, wukuf, praying, listening to sermons, tawaf, throwing jumroh, sa’i, tahallul, and drinking Zamzam water. Everything was done in the SMANAS field.

After the entire group finished the ritual, they gathered in a circle at the edge of the field. On the other hand, the teachers assisted by the student council and MPK have prepared food for all the students. Plates of rice and rawon were passed from one hand to the other. Then, the SMANAS family ate together. The food, rice, crackers and rawon, is all the parties’ own. The meat cooked for rawon also comes from Qurban of the SMANAS family. All cooked and enjoyed by all people at school. (bya)

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