SMANAS Democracy Party

After holding M-GOPEK counting plenary session, the big family of SMANAS held a democratic party on Wednesday (10/10). Three candidates for the Student Council Chairperson were already prepared in the room provided by wearing the almamater of SMANAS. The first candidate is Achmad Riski (XI Social 1). The second candidate is Danda Wahyu (XI Language) and the third is Feri Setiawan (XI Science 1).

One by one, the three candidates conveyed their vision and mission if they were elected to be the Chair of the Student Council for 2018/2019. “If allowed by Mr. Rusdi, I would like to hold an art performance in the context of school anniversary and classmeeting,” said Riski, one of the candidates. This invites the cheers of the audiences. The same opinion was expressed by Feri who said that he wants to hold an art performance every month. All the remarks by the candidates invited various responses from all the audiences, including Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. and the teachers.

There were also given a question and answer section for each candidate. Moreover, the teachers and students were given time to ask questions to all of the candidates. After that, the voting process was carried out. Previously, Adit (XII Language), the host of the event read out the rules for voting. “The principal has five votes, the teacher has two votes, the internship student (KPL) and the student has one vote,” he said. There was also an explanation of the criteria for valid and invalid votes.

Mr. Rusdi was preceded, then one by one the teachers, KPL students, and students went to the committee table to get the ballots. After getting the ballots, they go to the voting booth and cast a vote. Next, a vote count is conducted. “One, legitimate. One, legitimate. Invalid. Two are legitimate,” and so on, Adit announced the vote counting process witnessed by all citizens of SMANAS. The final result of the vote count is 320 votes for Riski, 87 votes for Feri, and 52 votes were obtained by Danda. In addition, 18 invalid votes were recorded.

Thus, Riski was elected to be the Chairperson of the Student Council of SMANAS 2018/2019. Riski also delivered his speech and said that he would try to carry out his new position seriously. After that, Mr. Rusdi was invited to give a speech too. “This is a good whole,” he said. He commented to all of the three candidates that  actually they have a good composition. According to Mr. Rusdi, Riski is a student who has a good commitment, the prayers are also good. Feri is a part of the idea makers, while Danda is leaning towards conceptor. “Inshaallah, these three students will advance SMANAS,” said Mr. Rusdi, “I am waiting for the promise,” he added. At the end of his speech, Mr. Rusdi congratulated Riski. “Be the front and pull the gate! In the middle, be a person who can sit and in the back, be a motivator,” explained Mr. Rusdi that motivates all the audiences. Finally, he reminded that the students of SMANAS should not feel better than others. (bya)

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