SMANAS successfully carved some achievements again on English field. ECC SMANAS team pierced the TOP 3 on the final round of Story Telling and Speech. The event was held in Kanjuruhan University of Malang on Monday (22/4). The story of Roro Jonggrang was successful to lead Kharisma Dia Rochmah (XI Languange) being the first runner-up on Story Telling contest. “I’m very grateful to be the second winner of this competition,” said her. However, she felt that she still had so many weaknesses that should be improved in order to be able to get the first winner on next competition.

Similar to Kharisma, the remarkable performance of Nur Ma’rifatud Diniyah who delivered speech under the theme of “The Benefits of Internet on Education” was powerful enough to make her on the third place. “All grateful upon God since I don’t suppose I can be the second runner-up on this competition. I’m sure through this competition I will improve my performance much more better in the future event, stated this student of XI Science 2.

As the English teacher as well as the supervisor of ECC, Mrs. Naning argued that she was absolutely proud of the results gained by Kharisma and Diniyah. “I hope all ECC’s members are able to be motivated to be successful, especially on English skill. In addition, they can always join some English competition aiming to measure the their abilities,” wished her. Similar to Mrs. Naning, Miss Vivin also expected that this competition will be able to be the stepping stone to get many achievements in the future.

“Hopefully, ECC SMANAS will always success and it can be the place for the members to always improve their English skills and keep working, added Miss Vivin. (hm//bya)

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