SMANAS Bustled the Open House ITN Malang

Nasional Technology Institute (ITN) Malang held the Open House ITN Malang targeted for all students in Public and Private High Schools/Vocational High Schools in Malang Raya. The theme of the event is “Milenials, Get Ready to The Future”.  More than 50 students of SMANAS participated on that Saturday (27/4) event.

The event which was conducted in campus II was opened by Dr.Ir. Kustamar, M.T., Rector of ITN Malang. He explained some majors available in ITN Malang. Then, he gave some prizes to the students through majors mentioned by him. Putri Nur Jannah, one of SMANAS students has succeded to answer. “I’m so glad to be able to answer the question of the rector and I get the prize,” argued this student of X Science 1.

The opening then was continued by Mr. Kartiko, the Chief of P2PUTN, and accompanied by Rector of ITN Malang, he released some balloons as the symbolic of the event started. After that, the committee let the students to go sightseeing over some available stands. Those are the products of college students which have different interest. The display of electricity vehicles which are the Engineering students’ masterpiece made the event fantastic and lively. Those masterpieces which are performed by ITN Malang aim to give the portrayal and lesson to the participants in order they understand more about the majors provided in ITN.

Open House ITN provided some competitions which were mobile legend game, basketball, dance, and photograph that had a prize of one million rupiahs. All participants require to take the picture on this event, then it was uploaded through instagram by tagging account of Humas ITN Malang.

At 11.20 pm, all students are required to join the seminar by Agus Piranhamas, alumnus of Chemistry Engineering in 1987. On seminar that discussed about the Internet Marketing, he said that if the participants desired to be him, they had to do STOP3. “If you have the intention being like me, you have to do STOP3, which are Stop Alay, stop lebay, stop jablay,” argued him. Not only giving motivation, but Mr. Agus who has got along to Internet Marketing for eleven years also giving some prizes to the students who were brave to ask for the question.

The event was ended at 1.30 pm and closed by giving a souvenir to Mr. Agus. One of SMANAS students admitted that she was very happy of joining this event. “I’m so grateful since I can get new knowledge,” told Manda, student of X Science 2. The best thing of the event is on Sunday (28/4) when it was the closing event, ITN announced that Jeni Prasiska, student of X Science 2 SMANAS won the photograph competition because she got the most like click from the viewers. (fbi//bya)

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