The progress of fresh students enrolment at SMA Nasional Malang is getting crowded by the end of March. The total of students who have enrolled is 287 that are filtered through test and rank selection. However, not all of them are accepted by SMANAS since it prioritizes the quality in terms of both academic and non-academic. Therefore, it can’t be denied that SMANAS is able to grab million achievements in the field of IPTEK and sport which resourced from high quality human resources since they are from the list of TOP 10 at their former junior high schools. Thus, according to those participants, the passed students are 230 students only.

We would like to congratulate for all students who have been successful to pass the test selection and get ready to be polished by this best school with million achievements. However, the enrolment aiming to filter the gold generation of Indonesia is still opening for you up to now. These are the information about the results of students who passed the test.

Pengumuman Hasil Tes PPDB SMA Nasional Malang

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