Seize the First Ever Tournament as A Winner, Hockey Team Apply the Philosophy of Rice

Hockey extracurricular is an extracurricular that can be said as a new extracurricular in SMANAS. This team sports extracurricular is quite attractive to students, as evidenced by the increasing number of members of this extracurricular activity.

Malang City Inter Club Room Hockey Championship held at SM FUTSAL on Wednesday (4/10) was their first tournament. Initially SMANAS sent two representatives, namely the women’s team and the men’s team. Unfortunately, only the men’s team advanced to the finals with a 3-0 win. While the women’s team must suffering defeat in the preliminary round. Right in the semi-finals, the men’s team must be heartened to accept their defeat, with a score of 1-3. This result made the SMANAS men’s hockey team won third place in the first hockey tournament.

“Feeling nervous will always be felt in every game, right?” said Lucky Sampurno (XII IPS 2) when asked about his impressions in his first match. “Everyone’s impression must be different. But I personally the first match, i was quite nervous because it was watched by many people and maybe friends felt the same as me. However, time after time the nervousness disappears on its own and the match becomes fun, “said one of the men’s hockey team players.

Pride is certainly felt by hockey team members, especially when they can get the championship title. However, the title does not make them snob. “My friends and I still remember the words of my coach ‘Be like rice, the more contained the more looked down, not the more looked up,” he explained. Meaning, after this championship and victory they should not be arrogant to remain humble.

It is undeniable that their victory brings pride and fighting spirit to other members. In fact, they hope that with this championship, they can attract other students to join their extracurricular activities. “The more the extracurricular enthusiast and the more supported by the school, the better,” said Danda, a hockey player from XII Language who hopes that their victory is a start for a better future. (ftm // fbi // bya)

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