Pilot Project of UM: SMANAS Strenghtens Students’ Character

Again, Nasional Senior High School of Malang was trusted by State University of Malang (UM) to become the pilot project for all students from various majors on Kajian Praktik Lapangan (KPL) program. The KPL students were escorted by one of lecturers representative on Monday (29/7). “Let’s create an excellent education by forming high integrity students,” Mr. Rusdi gave advice to all KPL students. He also emphasized that the initial foundation for all college students in teaching was always developing the strengths possessed by students. “There are no stupid students because they have their own expertise. Just focus on developing their potencies, ” said the Head of SMANAS.

The great gratitude was delivered by Dr. Rustanto Rahardi, M.Si. on his speech. “I am so grateful because this school has accepted us very pleasantly,” said the Mathematics department supervisor. He also advised to all KPL students for not only carrying out their KPL duties, but also participating to educate all students at SMANAS. “I am very proud of Mr. Rusdi and this Nasional Senior High School of Malang. I hope we can establish much more better cooperation in the future, for example, developing HOTS test-items for students and so on,” wished Mr. Rustanto to end his speech.

After that, Mr. Rusdi explained about several school programs such as M-Gopek and introduced all tutors, and education staffs. “Be a good and sincere teacher,” ordered Mr. Rusdi as well as closing the acceptance KPL student season 1 event. Mr. Faisal, one of KPL students wished he could be a good teacher. “I want to be able to learn to be a good teacher and welcomed by students so that they also like my subject,” told him. Similar to Mr. Faisal, Miss Sinta expressed her expectation that she would get some new knowledge on the learning process. “I also want to learn to understand the characteristics of each student I teach,” added one of this Physics Department’s students.

It was not only KPL students who expressed their great hopes, but Mrs. Lilik also delivered her expectations toward KPL students. “Hopefully they can be well-prepared to face all students and provide a positive aura while teaching,” said this Physics teacher as well as the KPL tutor. It was also supported by one of the tutors who stated that KPL students were expected not only to know how to teach, but also to educate the students. “Hopefully they are able to get a lot of experience in both administrative and classroom management,” added Miss Vivin, the English teacher at SMANAS. (hm//bya)

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