OSIS and MPK Sertijab: An Inevitability

“The end of the OSIS and MPK is an inevitability,”

“There is a birth, there must be a death. There is a beginning, there must be an end. That’s the cycle, “said Mr. Rusdi as a ceremony inspector. In APEL ceremony of Intra-School Student Organization (OSIS) and the MPK of SMA Nasional Malang, Mr. Rusdi explained that a position would be definitely end. “The end of the OSIS and MPK is an inevitability,” said Mr. Rusdi on Monday (7/1) at the SMANAS field.

In his remarks, Shofie Awalia, chairman of the student council, said that she apologized if during her tenure, she still had shortcomings. In addition, she thanked the teachers for the guidance.

Mr. Rusdi expressed his gratitude to the OSIS and MPK 2017/2018. During their period, SMANAS won more than 20 achievements, ranging from school achievements and student achievements. School achievements include sports, scientific work, geography, economics, and so on. “The student council has progressed over the years so that SMANAS is increasingly victorious,” he said.

On the other hand, Achmad Riski, the elected student council president, said he was grateful to get the mandate. “I beg for your support and motivation so that I can carry out the mandate,” said him. This was also supported by the headmaster. According to him, Riski has served since early December 2018. At that time, SMANAS won the national best school award. “This is a good start. Hopefully Riski can collaborate with all so that SMANAS is more successful,” wished the headmaster of SMANAS.

At the end of his remarks, Mr. Rusdi entrusted Riski to the entire SMANAS family. “I entrusted OSIS to you, Riski. Although his body is small, but his brain is smart,” he said. In Mr. Rusdi’s view, Riski is a student who has never felt difficulties because he always smiles on the edge of his lips. “You are led by the right person because he is good not only at talking, but also at doing,” said Mr. Rusdi. (bya)

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