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Intra-School Student Organization (OSIS) is an organization that is certainly always present in every secondary school, both junior high school (SMP) and senior high school (SMA). The change of leader in the OSIS has become commonplace, as well as at SMANAS. The election of the chairman and vice chairman of OSIS for the 2019/2020 period at SMANAS was held on Tuesday (1/10).

It is counted that there are three candidates as candidates for OSIS chairman and vice chairman 2019/2020. Rangga Aditia Abiyova and Seklin Tegap Deesamdriga is candidates’ number one, representatives of the Language department. Of course they come with vision and mission. Their vision is to make OSIS a place for student aspirations, and excel in academic and non-academic achievements based on faith and piety. While the mission of the pair number one is (1) strengthen the kinship and harmony, and (2) make SMANAS a role model for other schools.

In number two there are Putri Jubaidah Safa Banafsah and Tri Rahadani as representatives of the Social Sciences department. They have a Vision: Creating a SMANAS environment with a competitive, Solid, Sportive spirit, and making SMANAS a superior progressive organization. While their mission is (1) sportsmanship to add competitive spirit, (2) to make OSIS members work together, and (3) improve the quality of OSIS work.

The Natural Sciences Department was represented by Dini Febriana and Rengganis Ayu as candidate number three. Their vision is “Making OSIS SMANAS a superior, dignified, quality, and responsible organization in solving problems”. In their Mission they have:

  1. Cultivating the spirit of nationalism in high school students.
  2. Strengthen the sense of family between students.
  3. Developing the talents and potential of the students.
  4. Optimizing the role of student council as organizers of school activities.
  5. Continuing the work program of the previous student council.

After the introductory session and read the vision and mission, it is continued with the question and answer session. The first questioner is Nanik from XI IPS 1. He asked what program the candidates would give after being elected as chairman and vice chairman of SMANAS OSIS. Candidate number two said that they would develop the talent of high school students. “We will improve the quality of student council work, and by working together with the head of our extracurricular activities we will increase our competitive spirit and the spirit of striving to make the school proud,” said Putri Jubaidah.

The questioner representative from class X asked about the program to be carried out by the candidates. Dini Febriana answered that she and Rengganis Ayu would hold a language month. “We will hold a language month program with the aim of increasing student talent. In addition, we will also hold a Character Building again, “said the XI IPA 2 student.

Then there were questions from class XII representatives, he asked two questions at once, namely what if their big work program was not carried out, and what if there were members who are not all out. The first candidate said that henceforth they would make a more structured program. As for the second question they said that first they would reprimand and advise the child. “If he changes I will preserve him but if it does not change at all then I cannot preserve him,” explained Rangga.

The Chair of OSIS for the 2018/2019 period also asked questions. “How do you respond if there is a problem between members of an organization?” Riski asked. The candidates turned out to have almost the same answer namely, resolving it well without mixing it with organizational matters.

The last is a question from Mrs. Evien as the teacher’s representatives. He asked about the school’s cleaning program. Putri Jubaidah said that she would direct the OSIS members to help the school housekeeping team.

At 09.10 WIB, the candidates showed their talents. Such as: musicals poetry, playing musical instruments, and singing. Vice Principal of SMANAS’s student affairs, Mrs. Eka said that this was a new thing during the election of the chairman and vice-chair of OSIS. “Personally according to your perspective, this year’s OSIS selection is different from before. This is a new breakthrough from the 2018 MPK board, for example the talent presented by OSIS candidate, “said the Indonesian language teacher.

The event continued with voting by SMANAS students. Even after the election the students were given consumption in the form of green bean porridge and bread. After a 20 minute break, the vote count is carried out.

The vote count states that candidate number two is superior with 293 votes and is declared to be the chair and vice-chair of the OSIS period 2019/2020. Whereas Candidates number one and three get 78 and 98 votes respectively. Putri Jubaidah and Tri Rahadani thanked SMANAS students who had chosen her and would try to carry the good name of SMANAS. Mr. Rusdi also said remarks. He said that the key to success is Democracy. “One key word for your success is democracy. The losers also have supporters, the winner also have supporters. The losers must also be embraced because that is the philosophy of life, “said this SMANAS role model.

The Principal of SMANAS also gave advice that doing something must be in accordance with a good plan. “Something must be done with a good plan, before the plan is implemented there must be a self-evaluation, then consulted with the student council adviser also student status, and if it has been agreed to be implemented properly. Because you have chosen, you must accept all activities by OSIS. I also say thank you for the OSIS 2018-2019. Three times received the best title from the Indonesian Ministry of Education, “said Mr. Rusdi. (Fbi // bya)

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