Million Totality Flowing on A Great Model

(Independence Day)

“If only you can’t be the best, at least you don’t be the breaker of the lines,” instructed Mr. Gilang Agung Prabowo, S.H., the supervisor of Paskibra SMANAS, before the ceremony was begun. By bringing an extraordinary enthusiasm joining the Independence ceremony, all students as well as Paskibra troops was standing up to welcome the great day of their beloved country. The ceremony which was precisely conducted on Saturday (17/8) was respectfully followed by the education staffs, and teachers of SMANAS. The sirine sound of detik-detik proklamasi also brought the touching condition accompanied by the declaration of proclamation text by the headmaster of SMA Nasional Malang.

All members of Paskibra SMANAS performed their best movement to hoist the re white flag of Indonesia. By wearing their formal attire, they made a very neat and long line. Stamping on the ground enthusiastically within the great harmony successfully created more respect on the ceremony. In addition, they established certain formations wrapped by their nationalism soul and it ran smoothly.

The highly gratitude and appreciation was delivered by Mr. Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. who became the inspector of the ceremony to the entire staffs, teachers, students, OSIS members, and especially Paskibra members who have presented their best performance. In addition, he appreciated all teachers who were total to follow the students’ desire. “This is in line to Rasul’s demand, not only giving instruction, but also giving the model,” stated Mr. Rusdi. The Chief of MKKS se-Kota Malang confessed that besides feeling amused, but from the deepest feeling, he felt so compassionate. Hence, Mr. Rusdi put high trust if the students were taught by teachers with high totality, they will be successful eternally.

After that, he told that the previous heroes must be smiling as if they looked at the total teachers and students currently. He expected, everyone was able to do good things starting from oneself.

The headmaster of SMANAS also emphasized that the founding father established the country and the red white flag for a reason. “Aiming to push Indonesian people possess the red soul, highly enthusiasm, and wonderful target,” said him. “I don’t want to see SMANAS students easily complaining on the first failure,” he added for sure. According to him, we never knew when Allah blessed us the success. “We might be success on our twelveth, thirteenth, even on our following steps,” he emphasized his ideas.

Besides, the red enthusiasm soul must be accompanied by the purity of sincerity symbolized by the white color. “If you remain having bad attitudes, feeling better than others; then, don’t wish you’ll be successful,” Mr. Rusdi gave the value to the ceremony participants.

After finishing the ceremony, the entire students took some pictures each other. There was also the announcement of the winners from some competitions held by OSIS members. Then, the students were entertained by singing performance of KPL teachers as well as the first winner of stand up comedy.

Miss Nia, one of KPL teachers confessed her great feeling being the part of SMANAS. “Everyone was involved here, including us, so I feel so glad of being here,” told this English teacher. (bya//hm)

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