Meaningful Value behind Joyfulness in Blitar (MPLS Day – 4)

The fresh air on Thursday dawn (19/7) was accompanying all new students to prepare themselves going to Blitar in MPLS 2019/2020. They gathered at 5 am in Alun-Alun Malang. Before going to Kota Baru Station, they were asked to make a circle to do briefing guided by all teachers and OSIS – MPK. Then, they had a walk to the station and fulfilled three wagons of Penataran train.

During the journey to Blitar station, all students were joyfully singing some songs. In addition, the unique thing was that the students had to answer some questions of quizzes given by the teachers. All students were so enthusiastic to join the quiz and they got the prize for those whose answers was true. After arriving in Blitar station at 9.30, the students were asked to have a line and prepared to Alun – Alun Blitar. They took some pictures first in front of the gate followed by having recess time to get some meals.

In Alun-Alun Blitar, all students were asked to perform their “Yel-Yel” with their own groups. They were very enthusiastic to show their creativity to impress the judges. Happiness embraced the students’ feeling to put off their tiredness.

Historical Tread of Indonesian First President

After competing “Yel-Yel”, all SMANAS students were asked to had a line in the form of square and led to go to Istana Gebang on foot. In Istana Gebang, they were instructed to do Nationality Concept task regarding the life of Bung Karno childhood. After given a leaflet about Bung Karno and his history, the students began to surround Bung Karno’s house. “Bung Karno lived here when he was a child. There were some rooms which consisted of two guests room and a special room for Bung Karno himself,” explained the guide.

The next agenda was going to Kebon Rojo Blitar. After having meals, the situation was melted and more fun since there was the quiz again guided by Mr. Mustafa. It was for sure that the students followed the quiz by having great spirit. Again, they got the prize for their true answers that made them more cheerful in raising their hands.

After quiz, OSIS-MPK held an outbound for all new students. The first game was finding flags as many as possible. All groups had to find the flag in accordance with the decided color. The second game was related to sack where the students have to deliver their representative to take a sack as soon as possible. Then, in groups, they had to be able to stand up on that sack and it didn’t matter how many the total of the students were. Laughing and screaming were shouted by all students because they had to manage their friends as well as some carry one of friends in order they were able to be united on one sack.

After deciding the winners, SMANAS group got prepared to go to Blitar Station at 4.30 pm. During the journey back to Malang, many students were still delivering their high spirit to sing some songs. In addition, they moved their hands gracefully by enjoying the guitar music as well as sharing some snacks each other.

Reinforcement of Grab the Success

Picked up by some public transportations, all SMANAS students went back to school and having meals together in the school field. Then, they got shower and went to bed. At 2.30 am, the students were asked to  wake up to have evening reflection which was led by Mr. Gilang. The students who gathered in the school field were instructed to make a line in the form of a circle. Mr. Gilang gave hypnosis instruction in order all students were able to feel that their left hand was longer than the right one. “Think about it, will your body anatomy be longer in 5 minutes only?” Mr. Gilang asked the students. He emphasized that that thing came from the students’ beliefs since the key was belief. “Believe that you’ll be success,” said him repeatedly.

Similar to Mr. Gilang, Mr. Rusdi also continued the motivation that SMANAS students required to believe in God that can be successful. “You have to believe that God will never experience difficulties to change something,” stated this Chief of MKKS se-Kota Malang. He demanded the students to always obey their parents without being rude on what their parents’ utterances. Tears could not be denied anymore. All students and OSIS-MPK were sobbing in the darkness. To strengthen all of them, the headmaster of SMANAS invited the students to pray for their parents.

After that, all of students were managed to have the position which was in front of the firewood, followed by singing Bagimu Negeri and Mars SMANAS. Escorted by the songs and plucking of guitar, the two of fire balls were launched by OSIS-MPK from the upstairs. They fell precisely on the firewood and  lit the bonfire up which was becoming flare up. The last quiz was still opened escorted by the songs. All of students were singing some songs as well as answering the questions given. After all of the winners were announced, the closing ceremony was conducted.

On his closing speech, Mr. Rusdi emphasized that he would like to meet the students’ parents for the following three weeks and deliver the happy news. Besides, he explained, SMANAS was able to be greater because of the teachers’ totality. They afforded to sacrifice themselves which was getting dirty, even sleeping on the ground aiming to give the example and deliver the students’ success. “Even the teachers as well as the headmaster were ready to walk for miles even if there was a little bit incident since we would like to bring you get your success,” said Mr. Rusdi.

The series of MPLS journey made Miss Mardiah Isnianah get impressed. This new teacher admitted that she was happier since the fourth day of MPLS could go to Blitar by train. According to her, the agenda was so attractive. “It’s because all teachers are involved here, it’s so impressive,” stated that Economics teacher. It was in line to Lidya’s opinion. One of this MPLS participants confessed that she was so glad to take a walk for miles although it was tiring. “The most thing I like was when visiting Kebon Rojo since we are able to interact with the nature,” told this group 5 participant. (bya/hm)

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