Kapolres Cup KU-16 Kota Batu is a tournament held by Batu City Police. The tournament was held on December 11-27 2018. This tournament is held finding and selecting players who will be included in the junior Persikoba.

“The purpose of this tournament is to look for young seeds so that they can be developed as national and even international players,” said Vice Deputy Chief of Batu City.

This tournament was participated by 15 teams. They fight over a prize of Rp. 2.5 million and a rotating trophy. For the past two years, the rotating trophy was won by Pendem Village. Jodi Eka Prastio, one of the players, is a student of SMA Nasional Malang.

This tournament was held in three places. In the group stage, the match was held in two places namely, Bumi Aji field and Temas field. While the final was held in the Agro field.

The group stage was over. The eight best teams are confirmed to enter the eight teams rouns held on December 23, 2018. After the 8 rounds finished, 4 teams advanced to the semi-final round, namely Pendem Village, Pesanggrahan Village, Sumberejo Village, and Tulungrejo Village. In the match in the semi-finals, two teams advanced to the final round, namely Pendem Village and Tulungrejo Village.

In the final round which was held on the Agro field, the match went very exciting and tense. There was a riot, but the match could continue. The victory was won by the Pendem Village team with a thin score of 2-1. (eka // bya)

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