Introduction to the Big Family and Campus World

After the morning prayer, the new SMANAS students accompanied by the teacher and the OSIS members also MPK boarders prepared in the hall. In white uniforms, they walked to the parking lot. The students were divided, some were riding motorbikes, taking buses, riding elves car, and taking public transportation. Wednesday (7/17) morning in the context of the Introduction Period for School Environment (MPLS) on the third day, they will get to know the big family and the world of campus.

The first destination visited was the office of the Foundation for the Management of General Education and National Technology (P2PUTN) on Jalan Tenes, Malang City. The SMANAS group led directly by Mr. Rusdi conveyed the purpose of the visit to the P2PUTN management. “We MPLS the third day, the event was the introduction of the P2PUTN big family and the introduction of the best campus in East Java,” explained the head of SMANAS. In addition, he also requested permission because on Thursday (7/18), new students from SMANAS would be invited to trace the history of the nation, namely to the Gebang Palace, Blitar City, where Sukarno was trained when he was young. “Hopefully the children have a strong soul that Indonesia is born from a very high commitment to unite with the nation,” said the head of SMANAS who is very fond of football.

After delivering the intention, the program continued with singing Indonesia Raya and Mars SMANAS. The high school jargon “We are exciting partner” has been shouted repeatedly. In addition, the visit by SMANAS coincided with the 68th birthday of P2PUTN. Hopes of success are repeatedly shouted by students.

Spontaneously, all those present sang a happy birthday song. Miss. Fikriatunnisa ‘brought a birthday cake to the ranks of the board of the P2PUTN foundation. The song Happy Birthday Jambrud was also sung. After blowing and cutting the cake, Mr. Rusdi said that P2PUTN still prevailed until now because of the beliefs of its founders.

Mr. Kartiko positively welcomed the visit from SMANAS. According to Mr. Kartiko, the age of 68 for P2PUTN is a mature age because it has passed various generations and transverse obstacles. The condition of the country with various dynamics has also been passed. “Thank God, with such conditions, until now we can still survive,” said the chairman of the P2PUTN foundation.

“Endurance, once again endurance, yes, endurance,” said Mr. Kartiko advised the students. He emphasized to MPLS participants that the more they approached the difficulties, be sure that the difficulties brought them closer to success. “Do not let you become a loser,” said Mr. Kartiko, “In a condition of difficulty, you run away, facing difficulties again, you run away again, you will never advance,” he explained. He analogizes as when students take education or school, at the end of the learning process there must be a final difficulty, namely exams.

Mr. Kartiko also thanked SMANAS. “Now we can’t just talk smart, but we need character,” he said. According to him, it is right to become a character starting with a historical trace of the greatness of the nation.

No less passionate with Mr. Kartiko, Mr. Herman who is one of the founders of P2PUTN also welcomed warmly. “If the age of P2PUTN 68, Mr. Herman is the opposite, 86,” he said. He explained a brief history of the journey from SMANAS from its small beginning until now. “Thank you and thank God now the high school building has been fulfilled,” he said enthusiastically. Mr. Herman advised the students to continue the struggle of the nation’s predecessors. “You as the next generation millennial must continue to develop this country,” he concluded.

After the remarks, the SMANAS group shook hands and walked around the foundation building. Then, the group continued their journey to the second destination, namely Campus II of Institut Teknologi Nasional (ITN) on Jalan Karanglo.

At ITN Campus II, the group of SMANAS was welcomed in the Mechanical Engineering building. MPLS participants listened to an explanation from Mr. Bambang Wedyantadji about the process of entering college. He also explained various departments in ITN. In addition, he also explained Bidik Misi scholarships both from the government and from ITN. According to the Head of the New Student Admissions Institute (LPMB), SMANAS students who enter ITN and receive scholarships do have good grades. He certainly will provide convenience if students of SMANAS enter ITN.

After an explanation from Mr. Bambang, Mr. Aladin who is the Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program, conveyed motivation to students. Mr. Aladin shouted words of enthusiasm so that the students who were initially sleepy opened their eyes again. The lecturer who is also an entrepreneur explained how to learn to use the right brain and left brain. The right brain tends to use logic and long-term memory, while the left brain tends to be more systematic, direct formulas, and short-term memory. “Learning done here also uses the right brain,” said Mr. Aladin. In addition, they will also be taught to learn to use a balanced brain.

The lecturer who claimed to like hypnosis had invited students to play games. He was able to guess the date of birth of three students and a teacher using paper containing the alphabet and numbers. After Mr. Aladin motivated and encouraged students, Mr. Teguh, one of the LPMB staff invited students to sing the song Menunggu Kamu Anji. After that, Mr. Aladin invited the MPLS participants to tour the various laboratories there. While walking around, he explained a lot of the functions of the tools available, as well as the things learned there.

Mr. Soni Syarifuddin strongly supports this kind of MPLS activity. “Events like this can make children more motivated to learn, study, and get to know the outside world,” said the Chemistry teacher at SMANAS. Good responses were also obtained from students. Bayu, a new student at SMANAS X IPS 2, said he was satisfied. “The event was good, Ma’am, at ITN it was also smooth and satisfying,” Bayu said. He claimed that the introduction of tools and activities carried out during the lecture was explained clearly so he was easy to understand.

Meanwhile, Shella was more interested in the speaker. “I like it when Mr. Aladin gave the material,” said the MPLS participant. According to Shella, Mr. Aladin can make students enthusiastic. The introduction and explanation of the machine there for Shella was very clear.

Positive responses also came from the Field Experience Practice (PPL) teacher from Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim (UIN Maliki) Malang. According to Mr. Muhammad Fikrul Muhtadin, the MPLS activity this time was very educational for students who wanted to continue their studies to a higher level. “There is a lot of information about the majors of lectures and an introduction to each of these majors,” explained the Psychology student. On the other hand, Mr. Fikrul rate, the MPLS event could be lively and run smoothly because of the committee and teachers who supported the event. (bya)

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