Halalbihalal: Today’s Self-reflection

Drs. Rusdi M, Si., the headmaster of SMANAS invited audiences to attend halalbihalal for self-reflection. He supported sekapur sirih delivered by Mr. Kukuh, the headmaster of SMP Nasional Malang, that it is better to utilize the moment of Ramadan and Eid in order to improve the quality of oneself.

“Halalbihalal means willingness to admit mistakes, want to apologize, and forgive the mistakes of others,” said Mr. Rusdi on Saturday (07/14) in the new hall of SMANAS. Mr. Rusdi tells a story about a person who surely will go to the heaven and is waited by Rasulullah, that person is those who are always humble and does not feel more than others. Mr. Rusdi invited the audiences to always be humble, willing to acknowledge the strengths of others, then emulate those strengths.

The halalbihalal event was also the inauguration of the new building of SMANAS. The event was attended by the big family of SMANAS and SMP Nasional Malang, the administrators of P2PUTN (Perkumpulan Pengelola Pendidikan Umum dan Teknologi Nasional), and the rector of the National Institute of Technology (ITN) Malang.

An invitation for self-reflection was also conveyed by Mr. Soeherman, one of the founders of P2PUTN Foundation. He invited the audiences to remember the founders of the foundation, to always pray for them, do good for others, and teach others sincerely. “Let’s move on and continue. Because working as an educator is sincere and pure,” Mr. Herman said enthusiastically in his speech.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kartiko also told a story from the discussion about managing metal huts. The key to success is patience, decisiveness, and clear operational standard procedures. In the results of another discussion, Mr. Kartiko has a different key to success, namely focus: focus on faith and piety, focus on increasing knowledge, and focus on improving social life for the environment. These three things should be done in 24 hours.

In addition, when Buya Hamka was still alive, he told a way to achieve success which is optimizing the shortcomings of others. “In what way? First, pray for the person, correct mistakes, forgive, and the most important thing is to not open the disgrace of others. That’s the reward field for us,” said Mr. Kartiko, the chairperson of P2PUTN Foundation. (bya)

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