Great Expectations Pursuing A Big Dream

The founding conducted by P2PUTN institution toward SMA Nasional brought million expectations to be achieved in the future. The event held on Monday morning (29/7) was attended by the P2PUTN chief and staffs, including one of P2PUTN institution founders. All SMANAS stakeholders cheerfully welcomed them on great spirit. It was portrayed when they were singing MARS SMA Nasional Malang as well as Mr. Ir. Kartiko Ardi Widodo, M.T. who was very excited in joining to sing that honorable song. Then, it was continued by the brief speech of Mr. Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. He emphasized, “Without the great aid of P2PUTN institution, SMA Nasional Malang won’t be a great school, too.” Mr. Rusdi, the chief of MKKS in Malang, also expressed his big gratitude to the institution that always gave its fund every month, especially when SMANAS was at the bottom. “We would like to send our best gratitude over P2PUTN who delivered us some fund in order to make this school stand still,” added him.

“Congratulation for SMANAS to maintain the public trust,” said Mrs. Lenni Saragih, S.Km., M.Kes. to start the founding. She emphasized that the great achievement came from teamwork. It’s in line to MARS SMANAS lyrics which consisted of the commitment to work together and go forward better. Mrs. Lenni demanded all teachers to improve their competency since they would be a role model for all students. “We put a big trust to keep this institution moving forward, and we expect we’re remaining to get public trust,” wished her.

The founding then was continued by Mr. Kartiko who was also amazed looking at SMANAS achievement. “The great effort is begun by persistence, well-prepared planning, and conducted together,” said him to all participants. He stated that the private school teachers who were able to lead the students to get many achievements meant they were successful. He also congratulated Mr. Rusdi as the headmaster of SMANAS as well as the teachers who have been working hard and creating wonderful cooperation.

This chief of P2PUTN Malang reminded all teachers that walking on the flying colors’ name usually make them forget to maintain it as well as decrease their striving.  “As a matter of fact, there are so many competitors around us who are going forward and trying to be the best,” added him. Mr. Kartiko informed the five basis to maintain the institution’s consistency: Accountable Financial, Human Resources, Infrastructure, Academic, and IT managements.

Besides, he explained that the teachers should concern more on improving the education components. “The components of education consisted of character building, competency concept by establishing creative, critical, and collaborative mindset, and literation which one of examples through e-library facility to improve students’ achievement,” Mr. Kartiko elaborated his explanation further. He then delivered his message to SMANAS to be more innovative and having great synergy each other.

The next founding was delivered by Mr. B.X. Soeherman who believed that all programs planned have been applied well due to the success of SMANAS nowadays. “I hope Mr. Rusdi and all teachers guided by P2PUTN are able to educate the students in order to be high quality generation,” expect one of P2PUTN founder to all stakeholders of SMANAS. In addition, he put high expectation for SMANAS teachers to use foreign language. It aimed to make SMANAS go international.

Then, the big news was delivered by Mr. Rusdi who announced the result of accreditation at SMA Nasional Malang. “Alhamdulillah, we got an A,” told him. The moment of founding event became warmer and touching since SMANAS also celebrated the chief of P2PUTN birthday. “I’m so speechless because I don’t expect anything on this surprise,” Mr. Kartiko felt amazed for the surprise given.

 Mr. Mustafa, one of Indonesian teacher at SMANAS, told his expectation after joining the founding given by P2PUTN Malang. “I wish the best especially for SMANAS. May all teachers, including me be able to improve our competency better in the future,” expect this supervisor of theater. (hm // bya)

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