Remarkable Moment as the Beginning to Carve A Thousand Dreams

A  great graduation ceremony of XII graders of SMA Nasional Malang was held on Saturday, 13th of April 2019. This sacred moment is an annual event aiming not only as a celebration for the XII graders, but also as a part of thanksgiving to Allah SWT for every learning processes that have been conducted very well within three years. One of special things from this event was having the institution board, the headmaster of SMP Nasional, and the head of Institut Teknologi Nasional as the honorable guests. In addition, it was joined by all teachers, employees, parents, XII graders and student organizations of SMANAS.

The graduation ceremony runs smoothly without any big obstacles. It was opened by Mr. Rusdi, M.Si. and followed by singing the National Anthem, Indonesia Raya, and Mars SMANAS. It is continued by the performances of Garuda traditional dance, puppet show by Dimas and sinden Kharisma. Then, the reading of the holy Qur’an done by Robby and recited by Susilowati.

Remarkable Moment as the Beginning to Carve A Thousand Dreams 1

The agenda of speeches were delivered by one of XII students’ representative, Fatur, who delivered his gratitude to all teachers and asked for best prayers in order his friends and he himself could be successful in the future. In addition, Mr. Sunari, one of students’ parents, who expressed his thankful and grateful to all the stakeholders of SMA Nasional who have given some knowledge and guidance to all students for three years patiently.

Mr. Rusdi welcomed it by asking for all  parents to create a high commitment to push the students’ successful whether those who continue studying to college or going to work. “InsyaAllah, all of them will be successful because of your prayers,” said Mr. Rusdi on her speech. Then, he showed some achievements especially on national level through the achievement parade.

The next agenda was procession of graduation ceremony where all students had to come forward to be put a cordon on their necks as the official sign of their graduation. Furthermore, Mr. Rusdi gave a certificate for those who were crowned as the best students graduate at commencement. They are Masfiatul Fatur Rohman from Science, Pina Azizah from Social, and Ayu Lestari from Language major. It is followed by the reading of alumni pledge for all XII students.

Then, a touching performance was showed by Sudarsono, one of graduate students, who performed his beautiful voice through “Bunda” song which succeeded to melt the condition. Then, all students watched a short video containing their memories starting from when they were having MOS at X grade up to the latest event at XII grade. In addition, on this video, Mr. Rusdi emphasized that graduation is actually not the end, but it is the beginning to carve every hopes and decide the ways that students choose by themselves.

It eventually was the time for Mr. Rusdi officially gave all XII graders back to their parents. Then, the event was continued by the prayers led by Mr. Mukarom and closed officially by the headmaster of SMA Nasional with humility condition.

The last but not least, Mr. Rusdi accompanied by teachers, the institution board, the headmaster of SMP Nasional, and the head of Institut Teknologi Nasional cut off “Tumpeng” which was seen by all XII graders and their parents. Then, all people enjoyed the dishes that have been provided by the committe of the event.

Joyful and happiness were smashed over graduated students, parents, and even teachers while doing photos session. “I am so glad to have such a wonderful graduation party today. I like the concept of the event including the decoration. What I learn through this graduation is that starting from today, I have to chase my dreams as fast as possible and be success in the future,” stated Fatur, one of this best graduate student. (bya/hm)

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