Goodbye and Welcome, UM KPL Students

There was something different about the ceremony at SMANAS that morning. Next to the line of teachers, there is a line of people wearing blue alma-mater of Universitas Negeri Malang (UM). They are UM students who are conducting an internship program (KPL). On Monday (9/17), 15 KPL students (Group I) will leave and 14 KPL students (Group II) will come.

The ceremony which was originally formal was made more relaxed by Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. when he called KPL students to line up in front of the SMANAS students. “I am not ready to be left,” said Mr. Rusdi. Some students were seen crying and some KPL students also cried. “Our togetherness is very short,” said Mr. Rusdi again. “Hopefully this brief togetherness does not end, but this is the beginning of the next togetherness,” he added.

After saying thank you and shaking hands with the KPL students Group I, the Head of SMA Nasional Malang introduced the KPL students Group II to all the ceremony participants. At that moment, Mr. Rusdi stopped the ceremony, then led a prayer for the success of the KPL students. After that, the SMANAS students are invited to say goodbye to KPL students Group I. Sobs and tears are inevitable. They hug and take pictures. Farewell-themed songs and thanks to my teacher continue to be sung by teachers and students.

After the ceremony, the KPL students and the tutor teachers gathered in the hall for a farewell and welcoming ceremony which was attended by Mrs. Susi, supervisor lecturer from UM. Moreover, Mr. Nughi, the KPL coordinator, said that KPL students were very happy to be at SMANAS. They have learned so many lessons. “Not only academically, but also morally,” said the English teacher. In fact, he claimed to be very inspired by the figure of Mr. Rusdi. “Someday I want to be the principal and Mr. Rusdi is the main model,” he added.

Various messages were delivered by Mrs. Susi as a lecturer assigned to pick up and escort KPL students. “Students must be able to practice what they have obtained, continue to enthusiasm for learning, completing reports, and continue to evaluate and innovate in their respective fields,” said Mrs. Susi. No less, Mr. Rusdi also emphasized that the door of the SMA Nasional Malang is always wide open for KPL students. “When there is an event, we will invite you and you must come,” said Mr. Rusdi. “We must continue to maintain our friendship. Greet me when we meet,” he said.

Mr. Rusdi considered the KPL students to be special people. “One falls and a thousand spring up. I am sure that those who come would certainly be way better than those who left,” he added, “don’t learn from nothing, but continue the spirit of the struggle of your friends of Group I.” The best prayers continue to be expected for the success of KPL students, as well as SMA Nasional Malang students of Malang. (bya)

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