Fresh Spirit at New Lesson Period Meeting

All teachers and education staff of SMANAS Malang had a neat line going to the school hall. On Monday (8/7), they conducted new lesson period meeting 2019/2020. After fulfilling the attendance list, they began entering the school hall followed by singing Indonesia Raya, Padamu Negeri, and Mars SMANAS. The meeting led by Mr. Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. started with two psychology instructions. All teachers and staffs were demanded to draw certain forms on their papers instructed by Mr. Rusdi.

 “Different….,” all meeting participants answered Mr. Rusdi’s question if their pictures either the same or different. Then, he checked all participants’ works one by one as well as explained the participants’ characteristics accordance with the picture. While portraying the pictures, Mr. Rusdi sometimes gave the evaluation towards teachers and staffs’ performances during the late year. It was delivered briefly, but embraced all aspects.

In addition, that Headmaster of SMANAS emphasized that there should be progress both academic and non academic achievement next year. The teachers should have accomplishment target for each field of study, National Examination, SNMPTN, SBMPTN, as well as the extracurricular achievement. He explained his some grand design target for all aspects next lesson period.

It didn’t finish at evaluating and giving the target, the meeting also consisted of self reflection. Mr. Rusdi brought some topics which aimed to make all participants reflect themselves on both what they have done and what they should do. Some teachers confessed that they could be more enthusiastic and open minded after getting the materials, especially on actual meaning of education. “I get the spirit injection and it makes me to have some plans which are not achieved yet last year,” said Mrs. Ismi Nurianti, S.Pd., Geography teacher of SMANAS.

The headmaster as well as the Chief of MKKS also defined the importance of attitude towards ones’ successful. He expected all teachers of SMANAS had a good character in order to lead students having strong character, too. The followings were some characters that should be sticked on teachers i.e. religious, optimistic, honest, dicsipline, independent, adaptive, innovative, creatif, and having strong struggle.

The new lesson period meeting was finished by the exposure of arranging educational set for teachers  led by Mr. Soni Syarifuddin, S.Pd., one of SMANAS curriculum team. He explained about the format of education calendar, educational set, annual program, effective week, semester program, syllabus, lesson plan, and various administrative data that should be fulfilled by all teachers in the early lesson period. (bya // hm)

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