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For a Moment Viewing Singosari Temple

X graders of Science and Language of SMANAS visited Singosari Temple. This activity was carried out to determine the relationship between Singosari Temple and Singosari Kingdom. “Because, now the history lesson will come into the explanation of the Kingdom of Singosari,” said Miss Nanik Mahiroh. The History teacher hopes that students can link the temple’s relationship with the history of Singosari Kingdom.

On Saturday (2/2), the students were enthusiastic in participating in the activity. When they arrived at the location, the students immediately looked for speakers to conduct interviews. The data they got must be compiled into reports and collected.

Fina Wulandari said she was happy with this visit. “Because I can learn and play at the same time,” said the student of X Science 2.

Rika Dwi Yanti also said the same feeling. “Like it, ma’am, because I’ve never been here,” said her. Rika was happy because she could learn and understand better the history of the Singosari Kingdom by interviewing the temple guard.

In line with Fina and Rika, Angga students of X Science 1 was also glad. “I can get more information about Singosari Temple and what value is contained in the form of Singosari Temple,” Angga said after conducting an interview with the temple administrator. At the end of the visit to Singosari Temple, all students gathered beside the temple and took a picture together with the background of Singosari Temple. (app / bya)

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