Eating Together, A Style of SMANAS

SMANAS students were scheduled to join a healthy-eating together on Thursday (12/13). This event is one form of realization of the Gopek Management (M-Gopek) work program. The students were assigned to bring bowls and spoons, while the food was prepared by teachers and SMANAS employees. That morning, the committee provided a menu of soto ayam and soto daging.

When the dishes were cooked, the SMANAS students were asked to gather in the field. Previously, they were in the hall to hold an M-Gopek counting session. Then, the teacher distributed the food that had been prepared in each bowl. Students was sitting in a circle in the field according to their class, and enjoyed a meal together.

One of the objectives of this event is to strengthen the social relations between students, teachers and employees of SMANAS. It is expected that with this activity, solidarity between SMANAS students will be stronger and the relationship between students, teachers and employees will be as close as a family. (pas // bya)

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Berita Terkait

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