“If you’re sure and have strong belief you’ll be successful, Allah will grant it for you,” told Mr. Rusdi to start the day through Morning Prayer.

Followed by all fresh students 2019/2020 period, first day (15/7) of MPLS was begun by the opening ceremony in a respect condition. Mr. Rusdi, the inspector of the ceremony, recounted some achievement of SMANAS alumni who have been avowed at some outstanding universities in Indonesia as well as million achievement SMANAS got from Mendikbud at national level. “I am the headmaster, all staffs, teachers, OSIS, and MPK will establish great cooperation to provide some positive events,” Mr. Rusdi said on his speech. This chief of MKKS se-Kota Malang also motivated students that SMANAS would like to change students’ mindset from lower to higher level aiming to deliver them to have a big dream and continue their study higher.

Then, the best headmaster of Indonesia led the rest of event by introducing KPL UM and UIN Malang followed by releasing the balloons as the official opening. All staffs, teachers, and students made a circle and they sang Kebyar-Kebyar, Tanah Airku, and Bagimu Negeri enthusiastically. The closing of ceremony was the performance of SMANAS dance that was so wonderful. “This MPLS is so fun and joyful,” confessed Seklin, one of new students. It was in line to Sela, a fresh student, who told that she was glad to join MPLS as well as felt amazed to all achievements SMANAS had.

The first topic delivered by Mr. Rusdi covered the history progress of SMANAS itself, as well as strategy success in order to push students’ belief to be successful in the future. The unique thing that made students more enthusiastic and active to participate was he provided a quiz by giving some questions related to the materials given. “The materials given is so inspiring and I like the quiz so much. To be honest, I want to go forward over and over again,” Ario admitted his happiness during Materials 1.

The other unique thing when all students were asked to eat together by feeding each other in pairs. The last but not least, they got some provisioning from OSIS-MPK for the following day. “I expect more than this day. I hope all students can be more actively participated in order to achieve the objective of this MPLS,” told Miss Eka, the vice of SMANAS Student Supervisor. Besides, Mr. Gilang, Sociology teacher, told that all students were excellent. “Have a good progress and See You on TOP,” added him to motivate all new students. (hm)

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