Clear the Mind through Flowing Water

Four days to go on Computer-based National Examination (UNBK), the XII graders of SMANAS were invited to have water tour. It is conducted on Thursday (28/3). Before going to the location, the students gathered in SMANAS hall. “I must be successful, I must be successful,” shouted all students led by Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. The headmaster of SMANAS gave motivation to build the students’ beliefs.

He explained everything related to the strenghts, uniqueness, and quality of water. It is flexible and able to change to be either good or bad, depending on anything goes into the water. Mr. Rusdi expected that the students were misunderstood. They were invited to go there not to look for divine inspiration, but the flowing water on fontanel is able to open and clear the mind. Then, all students and teachers go to the location together by motocycle.

There were fun and joyable things happened after they arrived at Bedengan. It was begun by warming up lead by Mr. Rusdi, all teachers and students did stretching. They started from standing, lifting up hands, fisting hands, and lying up the body. The aim of those things was to give relaxation to all students in order to be more ready facing UNBK. Every single things they did is accompanied by prayers and motivation to establish beliefs and self-confident.

After that, they were asked to walk along the river. Vociferaous and laughing can’t be denied to make the event lively. Many students who don’t want release those beautiful moments as they were. Most of them took some pictures together, so did all teachers. They enjoyed the relaxation and refreshing very much. “The event is so fun and able to make my mind fresh,” said Mila Maisaroh. It was in line to Aliyah who admitted that she was happy of the event. “I like it since I am able to gather with my friends and we are asked to ask for apologize each other,” stated that XII graders.

This event was finished by having lunch together by enjoying the beauty of Bedengan scenery. After all students have prepared, they were invited to do briefing and went home. “The expectation towards the students through this event was to release the boredom of USBN questions. Therefore, they will be more fresh and keep their spirit in facing national examination,” argued Miss Eka Listiyaningsih, the vice headmaster on students’ organization. (bya/hm)

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