Becoming a Model of Totality and Competitive Figure

All SMANAS students are scheduled to attend odd semester Classmeeting. The activity was scheduled for three days, namely Monday to Wednesday (10-12/12). All classes are required to take part in all competitions organized by the student council. On the first day of Classmeeting, Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. conveyed the purpose of the activity. “You have to be able to grow your competitive spirit,” said the head of SMANAS. He also explained that there would be a selection of the best homeroom teacher for the class who won the most competitions. In his remarks, Mr. Rusdi also claimed that he was proud of having totality teachers. This has been proven when the opening of the sarung race in which one sarung was entered by four people, then the players should walked quickly to finish the route determined by the committee. In the opening competition, male and female teachers set an example for students, and they were doing the job totally and full of competitive spirit. (bya)

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Berita Terkait

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