Achievement Aquarium of SMA Nasional Malang


If you want to go to SMA Nasional Malang, then get ready with something new, something unique, but something to be proud of. The new face and design of the stairs to enter the SMA Nasional Malang has changed from being ordinary to extraordinary. The steps to enter SMA Nasional Malang are now filled with achievements aquarium. On the wall of the entrance stairs, there is a glass cabinet that contains a variety of student awards to school awards, both regional and national levels.

The new design is an innovation from Head of SMA Nasional Malang, Drs. Rusdi, M.Sc. which sparked the idea of the need to organize trophies and National High School award certificates so that they looked durable, neat, and having aesthetic value to schools so that they were not only a sentence of achievement and then simply disappeared over time but could become tangible proof of school achievement. Achievements need to be showed so that all school members, especially students, are proud of their own school so they are eager to learn. Not only that, guests from outside, especially parents will be proud of SMA Nasional Malang. It is expected that they have no doubt at all to entrust their children’s education in SMA Nasional Malang.

In the past three years, SMA Nasional has truly made a remarkable achievement. Not only the quantity of achievement but also the quality. From the school award as the best school, the best management school, the school with the best education, from the Ministry of Research and Technology to the Ministry of Education and Culture. Student academic achievements from the Olympics to National Scientific Papers. Not only that, achievements in non-academic fields such as sports were also achieved by high-achieving SMA Nasional Malang students, including Futsal 1 champion and Volleyball 1 Champion at Malang Raya level. Hopefully in the future the achievements of the SMA Nasional Malang will increase in quality and quantity. (ss)

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