A Good Start for the Journalistic Team

The Journalistic Team (Mading) of SMANAS successfully won the third place in the 3 Dimension Mading Competition in East Java on Sunday (10/14). The competition was organized by the Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Brawijaya in the framework of the 31st FMIPA anniversary. The journalistic team consisted of five students, Ika Dwi Meilani (XII IPA 1), Oktania Nur F (XII IPA 2), Silvy Krisanti (XII IPA 2), Muffida RS (XII Language), and Maret Tika W. (X IPS 2). The team took the theme “Utilization of Waste as a Renewable Energy Source”.

“Our main coverage is to focus on the utilization of tofu liquid waste that has been studied by the KIR SMANAS team,” Ika said. In addition, Ika explained that the magazine also contained other coverage, such as special coverage on sugar waste, articles relating to technology, profiles, greetings, quotes, poems, mini fiction, and so on.  “All contents of bulletin are closely related to our theme, also the theme given by the committee,” said Okta. Meanwhile, Ika and her team also expressed their gratitude and thanks to all those who helped, especially teachers and closest friends.

This is the first time for SMANAS to take a 3D bulletin contest. “This result is a good start. Please note the jury’s notes for further improvement, “said Pak Rusdi when the team handed the trophy to school. (bya)

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