Amazing Ideas from Young Future Leaders in Cangkrukan Bung Tomo

SMA Nasional Malang, again, held an event to liven Hari Sumpah Pemuda up. The event which was attended by all parties in SMANAS wearing Indonesian traditional clothes was held on Monday (10/28). They were wearing various attributes, showing the traditional clothing that has been carried.

Around 07.30 WIB, the event started. All classes were told to line up in front of the school. They would join a parade and walked around SMANAS. Starting with X IPA 1 and ending with XII BAHASA, the group walked from Jalan Raya Supriadi, turned onto Jalan Klayatan II to Klayatan III, and returned to SMANAS.

After the parade was finished, Cangkrukan Bung Tomo was continued with the speech of ideas delivered by SMANAS students. The ideas conveyed included three themes namely, nationality (Indonesia), Malang, and institutions. “We know that Indonesia is not only about August 17, 1945,” said Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. According to Mr. Rusdi, the events are interrelated. The Principal of SMANAS also explained the meaning of Sumpah Pemuda. He said that Sumpah Pemuda had a very important role and a big influence on the historic events afterwards, especially the incident of 10 November in Surabaya which was led by Bung Tomo.

The first session was for Indonesia theme. In the first session, there were three presenters who are the representatives of XII IPA 1, XII IPS 1, and X IPA 2. Febri and Khusenul of XII IPA 1 spoke about the economy of Indonesia. “The government says that every year the level of economy increases. If so, Indonesia’s debt should have been low, this is because the amount of debt is in inverse porpotion to the level of the economy,” said the XII Science Student.

Catrin Cornelia and Aldhi Ardhiansyah as the representatives of XII IPS 1 revealed the improvement of health, education and infrastructure facilities and infrastructure in Indonesia. In addition, Catrin also hopes that Indonesia will be free of corruption and drugs. Meanwhile, the last speakers of the first session, Bagus and Salsa, who were the representatives of X IPA 2 spoke about the wealth of Indonesia which is currently still managed by foreigners, and about continuing the struggle of the previous heroes.

Responding to Febri’s statement, Catrin assumed that Indonesia’s debt was still increasing because the quality of human resources was still low. While according to Bagus, it happened because reading interest was still low. During the discussion, Mr. Rusdi explained that Muhammad Abduh had said, if there were 100 people in the mosque, there would be 100 ideas or even more, also in Cangkrukan Bung Tomo. Talking about Indonesia and ideas, one, two, even 24 hours will not be enough.

At the end of the first session, the speakers are invited to take the prizes that has been provided by the committee from the tree. That is a form of appreciation for their ideas. At 10.11 WIB the participants of Cangkrukan Bung Tomo were entertained with songs from Kharisma of XII-BAHASA.

After that, continued with the second session, namely with the theme of Malangan. The representatives from X-BAHASA said that Malang has many tourism objects. With the advancement in technology, according to them, the government and even Malang citizens should be able to maximize the advantage of technology. “One way is to share about the existing tourism objects so that the places can be more famous. It will also increase the economy of Malang using social media,” said Angelita.

Meanwhile, according to the representatives from XII IPA 2, Malang should introduce its arts and culture more, not only introduce its traditional foods. “A variety of original Malang arts and culture must be more exposed,” said Diniya. In contrast to XII IPA 2, the representatives of XII IPS 2 discussed about education in Malang which had to be further improved. “Malang is an education city, but the education of its people is still low,” said Karin Yesika. She regretted that Malang was visited more by people who come from other areas to study, while many native people of Malang did not continue their study, they even prefer to become the owner of boarding houses. “So, in my opinion, Malang should improve its education not just improve its building,” said the student of XII IPS 2. To answer the statement of X-BAHASA, Sidqi offered a solution. The solution is all citizens must be involved to promote regional tourism. “For example, by creating an active youth clubs,” he said. Sidqi hopes that all levels of society can actively participate, not only blame the government.

The representatives of three classes who have conveyed their ideas about Malang are invited to take the prizes. Mr. Rusdi hopes that good ideas owned by students can be written and collected so that the SMANAS Media Center team can publish these ideas in the media. He also hopes that those ideas can be acted someday.

Then, the event continued with the third session theme which is the ideas about institutions, SMA Nasional Malang. There are more classes that came forward to present their ideas about SMANAS. The first idea was conveyed by Feri Setiawan. He complained about the orders at SMANAS. In addition, he explained that the achievements of SMANAS have progressed, but sadly there are no students passed the Olympics and go to the national level yet. “I propose to form a national Olympic team,” he said.

The second idea was conveyed by Danda Wahyu. Danda complained about the lack of gallon water so that his class often scrambled gallons with the athlete class. In addition, the students of XII-BAHASA also hoped that the school’s Wi-Fi facilities could be improved. Danda also asked that later when he graduated, the gordon could be taken home. “Hopefully SMANAS will progress more and the all the students of XII will pass the exam,” Danda concluded his delivery.

The third delivered was from XI IPS 2 represented by Lailatul Nur Azizah and Prayoga Anjar. They requested that the character building camp that had failed can be carried out. This proposal was immediately answered by Mr. Rusdi. “InsyaAllah, it will be done before you who are currently 12 graders graduate,” he said. Next, the idea was conveyed by Krisbianto from XII IPS 2. He student criticized the water supply in the bathroom, especially the bathroom in the first floor. Kris complained about the difficulties when he was about to pray.

The fifth idea was conveyed by the representative of X IPA 1, Amelia Putri. The students of X IPA 1 proposed that the literacy program should be increased. “So that the library will not be so quiet. Quiet of people,” said Amelia. In addition, they also requested the procurement of the curtains for each class.

The sixth idea was conveyed by Susilowati of XI PA 1. She answered Feri’s statement that the athlete class could get achievements because their subjects were focused, while the Olympic class were focused on many subjects. In addition, Susi appealed to all students to jointly maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom. “After using the bathroom, water it, clean it, so that everything is comfortable, and keep it clean,” explained Susi.

The seventh idea was conveyed by Aryo, the representative of X IPA 2. Aryo highlighted the school facilities, especially for sports competitions. He also hopes that an indoor field will be created. In addition, Aryo suggested an increase of greening and the improvement of facilities for science practices.

The eighth idea was conveyed by Rigan Rivaskha of XII IPS 3. He highlighted the lack of the parking area, especially when there are events such as the distribution of report cards to parents. “Maybe multi-storey parking can be made,” said this futsal athlete. The next idea was delivered by Devasya who is also a student of XII IPS 3. Devas hopes that the canteen will be enlarged, and the seats will be added so that students are more comfortable when eating in the canteen.

The tenth idea was conveyed by Maria Margaretha of XII IPA 2. She complained about the cost of the competition which was not supported by the school, especially the makeup for the dance competition. The next idea was conveyed by XI BAHASA students, Robi and Vina. They discussed about the problem of increasing the achievements of SMANAS both in academic and non-academic. “It is better for students to experience an exchange students program and introduce the extracurricular activities, so that the extracurricular clubs will be developed, and vary. He also proposed to add one club which is Banjari so that during Maulud Nabi or other religious events, SMANAS can echo Salawat Nabi,” said the student representative of IX BAHASA. Meanwhile, Vina hopes school can provide buses or school transportation so that those who are often late due to public transportation, or have a problem in transportation can be overcome.

The last idea was delivered by Aldhi Ardhiansyah. Aldhi proposed the addition of cultural activities. “So that we can be cultured youth,” said this XII IPS 1 student. In addition, Aldhi also complained about the cleanliness of the upper bathroom which was beside his class.

Those ideas were responded by Mr. Rusdi. Here are some of his responses:

  1. Special classes that focus on areas that students love are planned. InsyaAllah, it will be followed up so that next year it can be realized.
  2. The existing facilities and infrastructure for volley team are coming from their own contributions. Sometimes it comes from the prizes of winning a race, the money is used to buy a ball or costume. Please the other sports extracurricular activities follow it.
  3. So far, the competition funding is 50: 50. Half is from school and half comes from the competitor. It is unfair if there is a competition that is given full help while the other competition is only its half.
  4. Multilevel parking has already been discussed with the chairman of the foundation. The front parking lot is planned to be built in terraces, but using iron, not cast.
  5. Indoor courts can be realized. If the students want, it will be offered to parents, and the costs will be borne together which is 50: 50.
  6. About the lack of gallon water, the school will try to increase the number of gallons.
  7. For school transportation, it has been thought of and has already been discussed. “Your idea today strengthens us, InsyaAllah, it will be realized,” said Mr. Rusdi.
  8. Regarding Banjari extracurricular activities, schools can grant their formation if there are many interested people.

The event was closed with the announcement of the best costume won by XII IPS 2 as the third winner, XII IPA 2 as the second winner, and X IPA 1 as the first winner. Each winner received a prize in the form of Angpau provided by the committee. (Na / fbi / bya)

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