Wonderful Movement behind Amazing Performing Arts

(Indonesian Independence Commemoration – Day 3)

SMANAS students had to give their best struggle again to compete their art talent. The event which was held on Friday (16/8) was opened by Mr. Rusdi. By screaming out the great word, “MERDEKA” and SMANAS slogan, “We are Exciting Partner” for many times, he invited all teachers, KPL teachers, and students to sing “Bagimu Negeri”, “Mars SMANAS”, and “Kebyar-Kebyar”. In addition, he gave a quiz to all students and it was successful to attract their enthusiasm.

To begin the fashion show competition, the headmaster of SMANAS welcomed KPL teachers to do fashion show on the red catwalk. Then, it was followed by the staffs and teachers of SMANAS to show their best style on the red catwalk. Definitely, it invited all students’ cheers by enjoying their teachers’ performances. In addition, it showed that all SMANAS teachers had a great totality to be the example for their students.

The event was continued by the fashion show competition that was performed by the class representative. They who have been ready with their couple got prepared to start walking on the catwalk. They did a great parade to show their best performances as well as strived for their classes to be the winner. In addition, they showed their masterpiece by wearing various clothes under the theme of “Outfit of the Day” accompanied by wearing some accessories, and jewellery. All supporters were so amazingly cheerful to yell all movement that their friends’ performed on the catwalk. Some laughed so hard since the participants presented the funny and silly movement.

After that, all big family of SMANAS joined the performing arts. It involved all classes who competed each other to show their best performances. Some of them showed both traditional and creation dances. The other presented great drama, theater, and choir. All students looked so extremely enthusiastic to join and enjoy the performances. Their cheers and screaming were getting louder even if the sun’s heat was getting worse. All students remained to join the activities gleefully until it was finished. (hm)

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