Training Center SMA Nasional Malang

Training Center Medium to Build the Competitive Souls of SMANAS Athletes

Vacation does not mean that training also stopped. That sentence might be suitable for athlete class students. How come? They started their vacation with the Training Center. This activity took place from Friday to Sunday (21-23) at Sendiki Beach, Malang. This activity was attended by all SMA Nasional Malang athletes, starting from X graders to XII graders, consisting of athletes of futsal, volleyball, basketball, martial arts, and other athletic branches. Besides aiming to improve the physical and technical abilities of athletes, this activity aimed to build athlete’s character and teamwork. “Cohesiveness is shown not only when playing on the field, but also shown when we can learn the beauty of being together,” said the coach. If between individuals can show a good teamwork during this activity, it is expected that they can also be a solid team and form good cooperation during the competition. The trainers had formulated a special training menu for participants in this activity. This activity was filled with a running agenda with a sand track, beach volleyball, playing soccer futsal, outbound, and survival to train teamwork. The night before this activity ended, it also closed with Malam Keakraban between athletes and coaches. The athletes were very enthusiastic to follow a series of training center activities. This activity was expected to be an asset for athletes to continue to carve achievements that make SMANAS proud in every competition they participate in. (SMANAS Bakpres Team // bya)

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