Tempest at the Twilight Edge

By: Avenica Purwa L.

A bright Saturday night under a chilled blanket that pierces the bone to freeze the flavor. Lindi, a cheerful girl who kept a million problems, chooses to be quiet and cry every night. To her, silence is the best choice when he is troubled by a problem. She did not realize that there was an angel waiting for her to talk about a problem she was facing. Lindi like being in a dark room, empty, without anyone accompanying her. Lindi felt that this was just a dream that could leave when she woke up. However, that is not true. He tried to get up, but she could not

“Come on, Lindi, wake up! It’s time to wake up. This is scary, Lindi, get up quickly! ” Such was the word Lindi said to herself at the time. However, she never woke up from the nightmare. Lindi was crying and Lindi heard a soft voice calling her.

“Girl, wake up, girl! Lindi, let’s wake up! It’s morning, wake up, sweetheart ” That voice was like the voice of an angel who always woke Lindi from her nightmare. Yes That’s the sound of hes mother. Shee always managed to wake Lindi from a flash of the nightmare. Lindi woke up. He did not realize when he cried in his dreams, so is in reality, she also cried. You can feel how Lindi withstand the pain, until it carried in her nightmare every day.

“Lindi, are you crying? “Why? asked the mother.

“Emmm no, mom. Lindi doesn’t cry. Maybe this is the effect of waking up hehe, “Lindi answered while laughing.

“Ohh, I see. Okay, take a shower quickly! ” said mother.

“Hmm …” Lindi said in a lazy tone, then Lindi went to the place she was most reluctant to go, the bathroom. In the bathroom, as usual Lindi spent time gathering the intention to come in contact with the water in front of her. Well, you know? The water in front of Lindi seemed to invite Lindi to make noise and intend to undo Lindi intention for bathing that morning.


Lindi began the morning by standing on the porch of her house, letting cold air enter her pores. He took a deep breath of the cold air and felt a moment of calm, which then reminded him of the unresolved problem yesterday. However, Lindi always showed a cheerful face to her family, because she knew the problem did not originate from there, and they did not deserve the impact.

“Lindi! Don’t go outside in the morning! It’s cold! Just get in quickly! ” a loud voice told Lindi to enter the house. That’s her father’s voice.

“Father, it’s not cold. Lindi is already used to this feel! Hahaha, “Lindi shouted from outside.

“Already accustomed?” asked his father as he approached Lindi.

“Yes. Do you know that there’s something cooler than this, dad? ” Lindi asked.

“What? Ice Cube?” said Lindi’s father.

“Hahahaha isn’t it. Do you want to know? ” said Lindi.

“Yes, what?” asked his father.

“What’s colder than this, huh, is his attitude towards me lately, Dad. Eeeaa hahaha, “Lindi said while laughing.

“Hmm geez!” exclaimed his father.


It was getting noon, and Lindi’s problem was getting clearer in front of her face. He was increasingly disturbed by it, and he thought that he would tell the problem to his closest friend.

“I’ll tell my friend, maybe they can help me solve my problem,” said Lindi at the time. However, someone held him back, like someone whispered to him, “You tell your problem to your friend? Does your friend also have problems too? Maybe your friend is facing a bigger problem than you! Don’t you think of him that he will be thinking more heavily? “The sentences that always ring in Lindi’s mind when she was about to tell her friend her problem. Then she discouraged it.

The day is getting late. The sun moved away, Lindi felt her nightmare would come again. Dusk comes to accompany and makes Lindi’s problem more closely in the heart. He could not hold it anymore. She ran into the room by herself, venting out all the feelings she felt today. He opened the curtains to see the twilight before his nightmare returned. Lindi did not realize that her eyelids could not hold the water she had wanted to let go since this morning. She cried alone. She felt how the cruel of solitude, the evil of silence, and the impact of not wanting to share it. Lindi also did not realize that there were two eyes that had been watching her from the beginning. There are two hands that from the beginning wanted to embrace her and pull her from the pool of the problem. She came.

“Lindi, are you crying, boy? Why again, girl? ” Lindi’s mother asked.

“Emmm no, I’m not crying, who is crying?” said Lindi, slightly surprised by the arrival of her mother.

“As expected, you will answer like that again,” Lindi’s mother said as she approached Lindi.

“Really, mom, Lindi doesn’t cry! Has mother ever seen Lindi cry? ” Lindi asked her mother as she carved a smile on her lips.

“Not only once, Lin! Every day I see it, and you don’t want to tell your problem to this woman who is always waiting for you? ” her mother said.

“No! Lindi never cry, “Lindi dodged.

“You cannot lie to your own mother, even though you show a fine face to mother, mother actually knows that you are not well. Your smile! The smile carved on your face is the biggest lie you have done to your mother! You will be devastated by yourself, sweetheart, if you don’t want to share, “his mother said, raising her voice. Even then, Lindi could no longer pretend. Lindi cried and looked away from her mother.

“Lindi! Stupid Lindi, Mother! Lindi can’t solve Lindi’s problem alone! Lindi always bother others, bother Lindi’s friends! And now Lindi made you like this, Lindi did not mean that, Mother, but it is true what you said, Lindi was broken, Ma’am! Broken! ” said Lindi while crying.

“Lindi hasn’t been broken yet! Tell me what is Lindi’s problem to mother! ” said her mother as she hugged Lindi’s weak body and sobs from her mother. Lindi also told all the problems she experienced. And he stopped when the twilight began to leave.

“Mother, that nightmare will come again. Lindi for the umpteenth time running away from trouble again, Mother. Lindi’s fear comes again, “Lindi said with a sob, because Lindi knew the night would come, silence would envelop her. The silence usually calms Lindi, but for now Lindi is afraid of that silence.

“No! You will not have nightmares again! The nightmare comes when you keep your problems in your heart and don’t want to share. You’re burdened but you don’t want to share it. I know you rarely share it with your friends because you think of your friends too. But that is not a reason for you to keep it. You have a mother, girl, someone who is able to accommodate all the problems you are facing. Mom is broken when you’re broken. I feel sick when you are sick. Don’t do this again, Lindi. You can be friends with silence, but you must know silence can kill you anytime! ” said Mrs. Lindi to make this stone-hearted child aware. Yes Lindi is like a stone that is always sinking, she cannot be water that always follows its container. Maybe then Lindi can realize that sharing is something that makes her better. With the drive off of the evening, Lindi’s problems leave hand in hand with him. Lindi was relief to be able to tell. Hopefully she will always share the slightest problem she has.

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