Joint Iftar to Bind Solidarity ala Sol Sepatu

By Febi Ardila Pramestika, Avenica Purwa Lindiana, and Fita Mundi Lestari

In the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims have many activities to fill their daily lives, from getting closer to Allah to the efforts to establish silaturahmi among fellow Muslims. X IPA 1, who is often called Sol Sepatu also took advantage of this month. They held a joint iftar on Friday (24/5) which was held at the residence of their homeroom teacher, Hafidatul Mahmuda. This event lasts for approximately 3 hours, which starts at 15:00 until 18:30 WIB.

In this event, several competitions were held such as the cooking rice competition between the women’s team represented by Nurul, Ulfa, and Putri against the men’s team represented by Angga, Trio, and Rafli. Not only that, they also held an azan competition that was participated by the soltu pandawa, namely Angga, Trio, Riski, Torik, and Rafli.

Most of the dishes provided during the event were made by the class members themselves. They only buy the ingredients and cook it themselves, in exception for the meatballs. Instead of complaining, they feel happy while making it. It is not the luxury of food or the famous place they are looking for, but togetherness and happiness in simplicity is what they prioritize. Unfortunately not all can attend this event. Zulfa could not attend the iftar because of family affair. Their happiness is not perfect without her; it was like a flower that has lost one of its petals.

It turns out that their students and homeroom teachers always have unexpected surprises. They apparently also planned to celebrate several members’ birthdays, namely Alfina, Sopiah, Angga, Zulfa, Dalilla, Anis, Avenica, and Riski. It created an emotional atmosphere among them. There was a cry of happiness mixed with sadness because soon they would not be able to go through the same days as before. That’s when the prayers of the homeroom teacher as well as their second mother was said. She prayed for the good of sol sepatu in the future.

Torik said that this event was also held to familiarize themselves before they would eventually be divided into two classes. “For a moment I thought, this moment could be used to better familiarize us all in sol sepatu before we were separated in two classes. I am sure this iftar moment will not be in vain because Sol Sepatu will remain together until they graduate even until we succeed, “said the owner of the ideas of the contests during this event.

Avenica, one of the students whose birthday was also celebrated on that beautiful night, said that she did not expect it. “I was very surprised, did not think that my birthday would be celebrated at this joint iftar event,” said the 17-year-old girl.

Their homeroom teacher also said that this was not the last event because they would be separated even though they would later be divided into two classes. “This is not the last event for Sol Sepatu just because soon you will be separated in two different classes. We are still one, namely Sol Sepatu or Solidaritas X IPA 1, “said the mother of X IPA 1. He also added that Sol Sepatu ¬†will be timeless and will not be weathered by time. “Because we are born of one breath, one hope, one togetherness, and one love. So wherever we are, whatever time dimension will separate us, we will continue to maintain our solidarity and brotherhood, “she said.

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