Spirit Injections for Mindset Refreshment

“If there is a problem, focus on finding a middle ground and be fair”

All high school teachers sit neatly in the Wakasek room. Wearing white clothes and black subordinates, they sat in a U shape. They brought a pen and five blank HVS papers. In the middle, Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. was ready to lead the coordination Wednesday (2/1). Coordination begins with evaluation of several things. Then, Mr. Rusdi invited SMANAS teachers to play around, but with a logical game.

First, the teachers were asked to create a focal point in the middle of the paper. Then, Mr. Rusdi asked the teachers to draw lines from points that had been made with certain sizes and directions. Then, one by one the teacher is asked to raise and show the results of the drawing.

“All what you have done has a philosophy,” said Mr. Rusdi. Among his philosophies, namely measuring the tendency to be fair or unjust, see the tendency to think mainstream. “One more thing that we can see, is that your enormous fear of making mistakes,” said Mr. Rusdi. The teachers smiled in agreement. Mr. Rusdi explained that all the forms made by the teachers were correct because they had various reasons. He hoped that this philosophy could be applied to students.

“Teachers do not easily blame if students make things different, as long as there are logical reasons. Don’t judge a student wrong when he is right. That will drop his enthusiasm, “said Mr.Rusdi.

Second, the teacher is asked to make the focal point in the middle again on the second paper. “Please make as many circles as possible counterclockwise from that point. I will count for nine seconds, “said Mr. Rusdi giving instructions. Then, the teachers show the results of the drawing. One by one analyzed by Mr. Rusdi relating to the character of self.

Third, the teacher is assigned to make four boxes on the third paper. After that, the paper was exchanged with other teachers. The teacher who receives the paper must analyze the character of the box image received. “This is a peer assessment,” said Mr. Rusdi. He hopes that teachers can also apply peer assessment to students.

Fourth, on the fourth paper, the teacher is given five numbers of questions, then the answers are analyzed one by one. Mr. Rusdi stressed that nothing was wrong, everything was right. In question number six, Mr. Rusdi assigns to make one box divided into nine boxes. “Fill in the boxes with numbers 1 to 9, it can’t be the same, and if you add up vertically or horizontally the number must be the same,” said Mr. Rusdi.

The teachers rack their brains to arrange the numbers to match what they are instructed. After that, he revealed the wisdom leaks from the box game. “If there is a problem, focus on finding a middle ground and be fair,” he explained. After that, the teacher was assigned to write any two lessons obtained based on the game. Then, one by one the teacher is invited to reveal the wisdom that was obtained, responded by other teachers, and strengthened by him.

“I am happy to get new lessons, so I have a new spirit, and new thoughts,” said Mrs. Evien after following the game given by Mr. Rusdi who was also the Head of the Private School Principal in Malang.

Mrs. Fida, one of the English teachers, has the same opinion. “I am able to change the way of thinking,” said Mrs. Fida. Mrs. Fida also explained that she felt more relaxed and had the potential to explore herself better. (bya)

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