Speech from the Head of the East Java Education Department in the Training Program for Document I Formulation of Education Unit Level Curriculum (KTSP) / K 13

Education is a planned and systematic conscious effort designed to educate the nation’s children. One of the efforts carried out by the East Java Education Office is to conduct training on the preparation of KTSP / K 13 document 1. In the event, the head of the East Java education department Dr. Saiful Rachman, MM., M.Pd. stated that as an educator, the teacher must have been very skilled in making lesson plans (RPP) and other tools. The teacher must already be familiar with document 1 which contains a general description of the school curriculum, document 2 which contains the syllabus of learning, and document 3 which contains a plan for implementing learning. It’s just that, according to him the teacher needs to add important elements, in the form of reinforcement into the lesson plan. For example, the character and learning of the 21st century to adjust the development of the times.

According to him, the task of a teacher is very heavy. This is because the teacher must plan and design learning activities with the aim of educating students while changing their behavior for the better. Therefore, the reinforcement provided is not only on technology. But it takes a psychological social touch from a teacher. This is where the important role of the teacher. Learning that is only focus on technology will give birth to violent behavior in the behavior of students. The teacher’s role cannot be replaced by technology such as robots. In connection with the lesson plan, he hopes that every year in every school a lesson plan preparation workshop and a learning evaluation workshop will be held. Even more so for teachers who have already received Professional Teacher Allowances (TPG). Do not let the TPG go late, the quality of the RPP also dropped (he joked). Teachers who have received TPG are professional teachers whose quality should exceed the other teachers. Some of the TPG funds received should be used to improve and develop their quality as educators.

The teacher is categorized as successful if he is able to equalize the percentage of children who is categorized to be lower to medium or higher. Likewise the medium changes for the better to be higher. If in learning the teacher is not able to do it, or it is said that the lower remains lower, the medium stays medium, and the higher stays higher then, the teacher only organizes only classical learning. Thus, there is no learning innovation. The teacher’s mistake all this time is that one lesson plan is used for various classes at the same level. Though every child in the class has different characteristics. Therefore, lesson plans for class one with other classes should be different. Depending on the characteristics of students in the class. Finally, he hopes that the training on the preparation of document 1 KTSP / K 13 will run smoothly and there will be an increase in the professionalism of educators and an increase in student learning outcomes both on daily assessments and even national exams. (ss)

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