SMANAS Won The Award of The Best School “Again”

SMANAS won another award at the best national private school category. The award was given to Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. at Aston Priority Simatupang Hotel, Jakarta, on Friday (11/1).

This award arises from the collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Culture with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs. On the eve of the award, the ministry explained aspects of the award appraisal.

Best School Assessment Aspects

First, based on output. SMANAS graduates recorded by the committee has good quality. Many SMANAS alumni are successful and become important people in their workplaces.

Second, this year, 100% of SMANAS graduates who study get a scholarship. “This aspect have high points,” said Mr. Rusdi. Also explained, in this case alumni who study through school procedures.

Third, the development from input to output. In this case, what the committee highlighted was the background of the SMANAS students. On average they come from middle to lower economic conditions. Generally people assume that students with this background usually do not have good intellectual abilities. However, it turns out these students can be successful when in SMANAS.

Fourth, another important point is Mr. Rusdi’s achievement in rebuilding SMANAS. Mr. Rusdi succeeded in making the school collapse into an achievement. This is a great achievement. Based on these aspects, until 2019, SMANAS still occupies the title of the best school because there is no match yet.

Fifth, the quality of educators and education personnel. According to Mr. Rusdi, the reshuffle he did was very precise, that is, the SMANAS teacher must have a GPA above 3.5. “The good thing is, based on the calculation of the committee, 86% of SMANAS educators come from favorite universities,” he said

Sixth, based on the Olympics or achievements in competitions.

There is another bonus offered by the organizing committee for the award winners. The committee has written the National Inspiration Book and is working with Gramedia to publish the book. Of course, the award recipients, including Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. become the focus of the reviews in the book. Mr. Rusdi represented the secondary education category.

In addition, the committee has prepared a draft of Mr. Rusdi’s biography entitled “The Inspirator of Senior High Education”, which is ready to be published at any time. (bya)

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