SMANAS Won 1st and 2nd Place of Soepraoen Anniversary Volleyball Tournament

Politeknik Kesehatan Soepraoen Hospital held a volleyball tournament on Monday – Wednesday (14-15/1). “The tournament was held to introduce the campus to the community and high school / vocational students,” said one of the committee. In the tournament, SMANAS sent two men’s volleyball teams and one women’s volleyball team. Men’s volleyball teams A and B both managed to go through the final round, while the women’s volleyball team can only get to the third place race.

The final round was held on Wednesday (16/1) at the Janti field. Team A SMANAS against team B SMANAS. Although both are from SMANAS, neither team wants to budge. The match was very exciting. Chasing each other points ensued. The first set, a score of 25-14 over Team A. The second set, team A is still ahead with a score of 30-28. As such, the men’s volleyball A team from SMANAS won first place and team B won second place. (eka / legal // bya)

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